I woke up this morning with a very scratchy throat.  It started yesterday afternoon and just kept getting worse.  Ugh.

I got my hair trimmed last night and I always take some knitting to do in case I have to wait for the person ahead of me to be finished. The soaker I started a few weeks ago was my first thought  but I knew that would require more attention than I was able to give so I started another Swiffer cover.

My goal this week is to put the soles on the orange seamless slippers and finish Ms Ida mittens.

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Train FOs and WIP

I went to a conference (work related)  in Philadelphia this past week.  Knitting on the train was great. 

 Unfortunately I didn’t get to any yarn shops.  The closest yarn shops hours didn’t work out with my schedule.  I packed enough yarn for several projects but not enough clothes.  In fact I ran out of clothes.  Oops! 

 FOs: 2 swiffer covers, an apple cosy.   All made from Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn in Black, Cottage Twists, and Hot Green. 

 WIP: A very good start on a soaker (using this and this)  for one of my granddaughters using Cascade 220 (Green color???) and Sensations Kashmira (Aqua, discontinued). 

Swiffer covers, apple cosy, soaker


The apple cosy has a red bag in it as I didn’t have any apples.  The leaf is a felt cut out that I sewed on instead of the knitted one in the directions.  I also found a cute lady bug button.  The one swiffer cover in the center is truly made from leftover yarn from all the other things I made from that yarn.   I do see a pattern with my color choices.  I like green.  

I needed the dpns from the Ruffled Bottle Sleeve (Knitted Gifts) for the soaker so I finished it Sunday afternoon.  I used about 10 yards of leftover sock yarn for each.  

Ruffled Bottle Sleeves


Nothing like a well dressed wine bottle.


I had to tink* (That’s for you, Leah!)  back to beginning of the gull pattern on the February Baby Sweater.  I’ve made some headway but it’s still not ready to travel with me to work on during lunch.  I need to be confident in what I’m knitting so I don’t have to carry all my gear in case I need to tink.

I made another swiffer cover.

Mr. Aitch and I tried to MacGyver** our vacuum cleaner on Monday.  It’s a canister type and has a “power head” that is controlled by a switch on the handle.  This thing is nine years old and was designed to fail at the connection between the handle and the wand/power head.  The electrical connection has too much give so when you push the handle/wand/power head, it works.  Pulling it back disconnects the power.  So we cut a synthetic wine cork and tried to wedge it into the space so the connection would stay.   Didn’t quite work.  I thought I would try it again and cut a bigger piece of cork wanna-be.

Mr. Aitch doesn’t have the patience and just ordered a new vacuum.

Sometimes I have too much patience.

*tink is knit spelled backwards.  Used when you have to unknit, frog, or rip out a few rows or stitches.

**MacGyver was a 1980’s TV show starring Richard Dean Anderson.  He used everyday things to get out of harm’s way such as a paper clip to disarm a nuclear weapon.

Punctures and paint

My goal for the weekend was to paint the dining room.  Mr. Aitch helps and would have helped more if I asked him to but I did all of the painting myself.  As I was removing a vent, the screwdriver slipped and I punctured the pad on my left index finger.  To say it hurt is an understatement.  It’s a lot better now but is still tender.

Getting the room ready for paint is a chore.  Getting the room back in functioning order is something I detest.  I don’t have a china cupboard and I really want/need one.  I do have a huge buffet full of things I don’t want but they were gifts.   Expensive gifts.  Not my taste gifts.  Things I don’t use gifts.  What do I do with these?

If I had a place to display my china, I could have room to store these above mentioned gifts.  So the hunt is on for a china cupboard.  Not like I’ve been looking for one since 1999.  I just haven’t found the right one.

Saturday night I decided I better get started on a knitted sweater for my granddaughter’s first birthday.  September 10.  I started the Elizabeth Zimmerman February Sweater on Two Needles.  Is it me or are her instructions a bit hard to understand?  I’m thinking it’s me.  So far the only modifications are I’m using a worsted weight yarn (Caron Simple Soft in pistachio) and size 8 needles.  I hope this will be big enough for a size 2 toddler. 

I’m into the gull pattern and I think I made a mistake and will have to rip one or two rows.  Mr. Aitch was talking to me as I was just getting into the pattern rhythm and I think I miscounted.  Whatever.  It’s happened before.  The puncture wound does bother me when I’m knitting so I can’t knit for very long before I have to take a break.

Oh, and my swiffer covers work great!

Evidently my computer is still having issues as I cannot get any pictures off my camera.  😦