WIP and a not quite FO

Some people reserve Wednesdays for WIPs (work-in-progress projects) and Fridays for FOs (finished objects).  With me you get a WIP or an FO when I remember to post one or the other or, in this case, both.

I’m not quite finished with the orange seamless slippers I knit  but decided to take a picture of them anyway.  I just need to sew on the soles (black oval shapes) and make pom poms.

Orange seamless slippers

These were originally for me so I decided to cast on another pair using free green yarn and the variegated color to put away for later use or gifting.

Green seamless slippers WIP

 The green is much brighter than this picture shows but since I’m a green person, I love the color.  Mr. Aitch is a blue person.  Anyway, I have two  mistakes in these slippers.   The first mistake I discovered is the unslipped stitch on the back faux seam.  It’s hard to see in the photo but it’s very obvious in person.  A rib of stockinette stitches run up the triangle faux seam.  There’s a big bump there.  The second mistake is that I increased a stitch on the sole.  Not that big of a deal but I know it’s there.  So I decided to put away the orange ones and keep the green ones for me.

Ms Ida mittens are slowly coming along.  The slippers are semi mindless knitting and I needed something like that this weekend while I was trying to declutter and clean my house for a party we’re having this weekend.

Don’t forget to leave a comment about how you feel about your birthday (or birthdays in general) to win the five October Stitch markers.  Deadline is midnight EST tonight.

October Stitch markers


I woke up this morning with a very scratchy throat.  It started yesterday afternoon and just kept getting worse.  Ugh.

I got my hair trimmed last night and I always take some knitting to do in case I have to wait for the person ahead of me to be finished. The soaker I started a few weeks ago was my first thought  but I knew that would require more attention than I was able to give so I started another Swiffer cover.

My goal this week is to put the soles on the orange seamless slippers and finish Ms Ida mittens.

Don’t forget to comment on yesterday’s post for the October Stitch marker give-away.

Happy Birthday to us…

Today is my brother’s birthday.  Tomorrow is my birthday. 

Anyway, when I saw my brother over the weekend, he said, “Patti, you look great.  I mean, You. Look. Great.  You don’t look 50-something, you look 40.  Is he a great brother or what!

I do feel a lot younger than I am…most of the time.

So in honor of my birthday, I’m going to give away a set of 5 stitch markers that will fit up to a size 10 1/2 US (6mm) needle.   Four of the markers are the same and the fifth is different to mark the beginning of your row.

October Stitch markers


Leave a comment about your birthday feelings and I’ll pick a winner using a random number generator.  Also, please leave a valid email address with your comment so I can contact you!  Contest closes midnight EST, Monday, November 1, 2010.