An open bag is an empty bag

I love sweets.  Chocolate in particular. 

Two of my favorites are:Hershey’s Nuggets Milk Chocolate with Almonds and Toffee and

5th Avenue candy bars

Too much chocolate and I am S.I.C.K.  Big time.  Occasionally I over indulge but for the most part I am careful with how much I eat at one time.

That doesn’t mean I can have some chocolate today and none tomorrow.  I do not do moderation very well.  When I buy chocolate, I ask Mr. Aitch to not to tell me that he’s opened the bag.  I will not open a bag of candy but as long as I know there is unsecured chocolate around, I will nibble, nibble, nibble. 

Because an open bag is an empty bag.

Or it will be empty very, very soon.

8 thoughts on “An open bag is an empty bag

  1. Halloween candy season doesn’t help, either. Managed to go to the grocery store by myself Sunday and bought and thoroughly enjoyed a Whatchamacallit.


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