Double Dot socks

Thank you for coming up with names for the textured stitch!  I liked them all and went with stgeorgeknits name for the textured stitch: Double Dot Stitch.  Actually, that’s the name I thought of as well.

So the socks are finally finished!  And will be on their way to the recipient soon.  They almost match just like the first pair.

I still have some yarn left.  24 g (approx. 107 yards) of Beach House – the multi blue/teal and 22 g (approx. 98 yards) of the Hari Hari – grey.  (I’m so glad I bought that scale!)  

Two things I did differently were 1.) Twisted German aka Old Norwegian Cast-on and 2.) Eye of Partridge heel.

The cast-on is very stretchy or at least more so than the longtail cast-on that I usually use.  The Eye of Partridge heel is very similar to the “normal” heel flap but I wanted to try it so I did.  It looks more sophisticated.

So there we have it.  The Double Dot Sock.  I anyone is interested, I will be happy to write up the pattern.

I need a name

That new texture stitch needs a name.  I spent way too much time researching the stitch and came up empty.

Here is the sample:The directions in chart form, in-the-round (top section) and knitted flat (bottom):


This stitch is based on the Dot Stitch charted here:

Suggestions for a name?

A princess and a purl

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Hans Christian Anderson story The Princess and the Pea.  A short recap of the story is that a bedraggled young woman must prove her royal heritage. She sleeps on top of twenty mattresses but has such a fitful night as she can feel a pea through the pile.  Thus she must be royalty.

After (almost) finishing the textured socks, I discovered a purl bump right in the middle of the sole.  I’m sure we can all relate to a pebble, no matter how small, in our shoe.  And how irritating that can be when we walk.

This purl bump would be the equivalent to such a pebble.

Good thing I caught it before I finished the Kitchener stitch.  I can just run that stitch down to the offending stitch and use a crochet hook to “knit” back up to the toe edge.

But what I can’t resolve as easily are the twisted stitches in the heel…which are just as noticeable and irritable as the purl bump!


Not Hermione’s Everyday Sock

I’m in the process of knitting another pair of socks using the same Berroco Comfort yarn.  By knitting with the two different balls of yarn at the same time, the yarn goes much farther.  Plus each 100-gram ball consists of 447 yards which is plenty for one pair of socks let alone two.

I knew I wanted to obscure the bold striping pattern again in the Beach House color and try something different from the other eight pairs I knit in the past.  I tried Hermione’s Everyday sock pattern and it’s a great pattern but there was not enough texture/mixing up for me with this yarn.

So I played with the knit and purl sequence and came up with this pattern.  It might already exist in the textured stitch world but here it is:

The subdued Hari Hari color was used for the odd rounds and Beach House for the even.  The striping sequence is still prominent but the texture adds another dimension.

I like it.

If you’ve seen or used this textured stitch and know the name of it, do tell in the comments.