My CCM hat

When my brother and I went to the League of  New Hampshire Craftsmen’s Fair in Sunapee last August, I fell in love with the felted hats made by Carrie Cahill Mulligan.  So I bought myself a belated birthday present last November: A Felted Pillbox Hat pattern and yarn kit from Carrie Cahill Mulligan.

I had other knitting to do and kept putting off the hat knitting.

Until Saturday.

Nothing like waiting until Spring to knit a wool hat.  But considering we didn’t really have a winter here, I’m still enjoying this quick knit.

The colors I’m using are Bronzed Metal (bluish) and Sycamore (greenish).

The kit came with two skeins of Classic Elite Montera yarn in my choice of color, the pattern and coordinating satin ribbon to sew on inside the brim for comfort and stability.  This is the first time using this llama and wool blend and it is heavenly.

I usually start out on double point needles as I find it easier to keep my stitches from twisting for the first 2-3 rounds then I switch to circular needles.

As of right now I am almost half way done.  The blue Bronzed Metal is almost used up and I have about 4-5 rows done with the green Sycamore.  If I would have remembered to bring my knitting bag home with me today, I’d be working on it now and have a better photo of my progress.

9 thoughts on “My CCM hat

  1. I can’t wait to see the photos. I have to admit, something this beautiful makes me want to pick up some knitting needles. And I have successfully made several hats (in the round) before. But I’ve never felted one. Now are you going to keep it? You have a tendency to give all your stuff away…even perhaps your own birthday present. lol Patsye


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