I prefer deeper colors

I’m not a fan of pastel colors.  I like deeper colors.  So why were these three 200-yard skeins of pastel yarn in my stash?

Those four little words…it was on sale.

The Ka’ana Shawl by Jennifer Weissman takes 600 yards of worsted weight yarn.  This Wool of the Woods – Capri is dk but since it is a shawl, it’s an okay substitute.  The yarn is very splitty so I have to be very careful when knitting so I get all the super fine threads that make up the strand.


This cotton shawl will be just the thing to wrap around my shoulders on a summer evening to ward off a bit of a chill while relaxing on the deck or porch with a glass of wine.

Nineteen rows into the leafy lace pattern.

I started on the last ball of yarn and still have fourteen more rows before three rows of garter and bind off.  Another game of yarn chicken might be afoot…

I didn’t win at yarn chicken

I didn’t win but at least I figured it out before I got too far into the lace motif.  The Kindness shawl is off the needles and blocked.  I had 48 inches of yarn left after I did one row of the lace motif and an extra row of knitting.

I love it!

I love the colors.

I love the yarn.

It’s the perfect size to wrap around my neck instead of a bulky scarf.

And I only found one mistake.  But I don’t care.  At least it’s not a dropped stitch!

Our neighbors

The back half of our property is wooded and abuts another much larger wooded area.  We have a new couple living somewhere back there who comes to our house to eat several times a day.

Two pileated woodpeckers.  A female.

And a male.

The one with the red “mustache” is the male.

They both visit our suet cake bird feeder several times a day though the female is the one that usually hangs out on the feeder which is about five-inches square so you can see how large she is. 

The male usually stays on a nearby tree or on the ground under the feeder catching and seeds that fall.  We just love watching them.