I had to tink* (That’s for you, Leah!)  back to beginning of the gull pattern on the February Baby Sweater.  I’ve made some headway but it’s still not ready to travel with me to work on during lunch.  I need to be confident in what I’m knitting so I don’t have to carry all my gear in case I need to tink.

I made another swiffer cover.

Mr. Aitch and I tried to MacGyver** our vacuum cleaner on Monday.  It’s a canister type and has a “power head” that is controlled by a switch on the handle.  This thing is nine years old and was designed to fail at the connection between the handle and the wand/power head.  The electrical connection has too much give so when you push the handle/wand/power head, it works.  Pulling it back disconnects the power.  So we cut a synthetic wine cork and tried to wedge it into the space so the connection would stay.   Didn’t quite work.  I thought I would try it again and cut a bigger piece of cork wanna-be.

Mr. Aitch doesn’t have the patience and just ordered a new vacuum.

Sometimes I have too much patience.

*tink is knit spelled backwards.  Used when you have to unknit, frog, or rip out a few rows or stitches.

**MacGyver was a 1980’s TV show starring Richard Dean Anderson.  He used everyday things to get out of harm’s way such as a paper clip to disarm a nuclear weapon.