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Do you have an unusual luggage tag?

Or do you tie a brightly colored cloth or ribbon on your handle to help find your luggage easily?

I made a bright removable cover for one of my suitcases a few years ago and I’ve always been able to identify it immediately when traveling.

My carry-on luggage needed a special ID tag and I just happened to get a very personalized one.

I found the “medical device” clip art on-line for one side.


Then I made my own QR code with my contact info on the other side.  So my identity is kind of protected.  One just needs a QR reader app to actually read it.  (Of course a real QR Code doesn’t have a big blank circle in the middle of it…)


Try this one:


More for you

I’ve tried.

I’ve really tried.

I’ve tried it on toast.  No thank you.

I’ve tried it on ice cream.  Didn’t work out for me.  Just how does one get this to hot fudge consistency?

I’ve eaten it right out of the jar.

I add hazelnut flavored creamer to my hot chocolate but I don’t like this.

I wanted to like it.

But I just don’t.

Maybe I’m not eating it right.

So now there’s more for you to enjoy. What’s your favorite way to eat this stuff?  Do tell…



Deck redo

Mr. Aitch and I needed to do a major overhaul of our deck.  I don’t remember how long it had been since we really, really, really cleaned it.  Yeah, Mr. Aitch would power wash it every couple of years but it was in pretty sad shape.


So we decided to get to work.


We cleaned it.



We scrubbed it.  I’m not affiliated with Sherwin Williams.  This stuff is just fantastic for removing old sealer and stain.




We stripped it.


We neutralized the stripper.  Don’t I look “neutralized”?


We stained it.


We replaced the old wooden algae-covered post caps (as seen above) with these sleek copper ones.



The entire process took about eight days as we had to work around the heat and humidity but it was worth it.


We are enjoying it.


The first thing I did

I retired.  Again.  From the same job I had before.  They wanted/needed me back for a few months so I went back to work a couple of days a week to basically help train a new person.  That’s not exactly what I was hired to do but that’s how it ended up.  So April 28 was my last day as a working-out-of-the-house woman.

The first thing I did when I retired was go visit my grand kids in Colorado.  Mr. Aitch had other obligations so I went solo.


I went to the twins’ school and cheered the girls and their classmates during the Fox Trot fund-raiser.  Their school mascot was there.



And the students ran laps around the soccer field to raise money for the school.  I offered one dollar per lap for each granddaughter, thinking I’d only be out $20-30 total.  Not so.  It cost me $60 in all!  They ran and ran and ran and ran.



We planted hanging flowers for the back porch and weeded the raised beds.  Sorry, no pics of those.

I helped my daughter build this.


Actually she did most of the building after I left.  I did help with the base and one side.

My trip happened to be over Mother’s Day and my daughter, s-i-l and the grand kids treated me fabulously!


My SIL made this for Sunday brunch.  Yep, he’s a keeper!


Can’t wait to go back.