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Margaritas, tea, and mint juleps

It’s Cinco de Mayo today. Mr. Aitch and I will have chicken chimichangas and margaritas.

Tomorrow morning the menu consists of toast and tea for the coronation of King Charles.

Then beginning in the afternoon we will salute the Kentucky Derby races and winners with mint juleps and Hot Browns.

Cultural appropriation? I don’t care!!

Last post

…on the Dumbledore Blueberry Smoothie Christmas Stockings.

I managed to rope Mr. Aitch into taking some pictures of me wearing the socks so you can see how they look on real legs and feet.


If interested in knitting these socks, I knit Chart A twice then Chart B, then after then heel turn Chart A, B, and A for the first sock. I reversed the charts for the second sock. I can’t tell which is which and I’m not sure if it makes any difference. Just wanted you to know.

Now to find something else to knit…


…a finished pair of socks!

Dumbledore’s Blueberry Smoothie Christmas Stockings are off the needles and ready to wear.

The pattern was easy to knit with the included charts. Just knits and purls. No slipped stitches (other than the heel flap). No crossover stitches.

I used 64 grams of Knit Picks Stroll Bare that I dyed myself and 10 grams of Stroll in Dutchess Heather for the toes. If a toe gets a hole, it’s easier to rip out the contrast yarn and reknit for repairs. The leftovers include 41 grams of the Blueberry Smoothie and 5 grams of the Duchess Heather. Maybe enough for a pair of shortie socks??

The texture would work well for any dye lots that might pool, however, that was not an issue. In fact, I like the plain stockinette stitches just as much as the texture stitches.

I showed these to my neighbor and she asked who I made them for. Don’t know. Perhaps mine. Then she said that they were too pretty to wear. They might be colorful but that doesn’t bother me anymore. The last picture is closest to the true colors.

Two more things…. 1. Mr. Aitch’s brother is home and doing well. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. 2. Pepper is six months old and starts school on Friday. Fingers crossed that she is a good student. And that I’m a good student, too.

Dumbledore update and a personal message

Just turned the heel on sock #2 and am ready to pick up stitches for the gusset! I’m not getting as much knitting time as I have other things taking my time. Maybe I’ll have a picture of the finished pair soon!

On a personal note…Mr. Aitch’s brother, Jim, is having open heart surgery this morning. Prayers are welcome for a successful surgery and quick healing.