Train FOs and WIP

I went to a conference (work related)  in Philadelphia this past week.  Knitting on the train was great. 

 Unfortunately I didn’t get to any yarn shops.  The closest yarn shops hours didn’t work out with my schedule.  I packed enough yarn for several projects but not enough clothes.  In fact I ran out of clothes.  Oops! 

 FOs: 2 swiffer covers, an apple cosy.   All made from Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn in Black, Cottage Twists, and Hot Green. 

 WIP: A very good start on a soaker (using this and this)  for one of my granddaughters using Cascade 220 (Green color???) and Sensations Kashmira (Aqua, discontinued). 

Swiffer covers, apple cosy, soaker


The apple cosy has a red bag in it as I didn’t have any apples.  The leaf is a felt cut out that I sewed on instead of the knitted one in the directions.  I also found a cute lady bug button.  The one swiffer cover in the center is truly made from leftover yarn from all the other things I made from that yarn.   I do see a pattern with my color choices.  I like green.  

I needed the dpns from the Ruffled Bottle Sleeve (Knitted Gifts) for the soaker so I finished it Sunday afternoon.  I used about 10 yards of leftover sock yarn for each.  

Ruffled Bottle Sleeves


Nothing like a well dressed wine bottle.

4 thoughts on “Train FOs and WIP

  1. I love the Swiffer covers I’ve knit. They come in really handy.

    When I first looked at the apple cozy I actually thought you had knit a spanish olive! That is sooo cute!


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