Burnt offerings

You know that really good recipe that you make all the time?  It’s so easy.  And only has four ingredients?  It’s so quick and easy that you could make it in your sleep?

I thought I did, too.

It is quick. And easy. And only has four ingredients. It’s so quick and easy that I can make it in my sleep.

Except the last time I made it.

I forgot that the TOTAL nuking time was three minutes. A minute and a half for Part I and another minute and a half for Part II.  Not three minutes for Part I and another three minutes for Part II.


Nope Part I got the entire three minutes in the microwave.


And burnt to a crisp.


A special kind of burnt crispness that took a full seven days of soaking and soaking and more soaking to remove the offensive burnt-on goodness.

Chocolate Truffle Cup  Sometimes I only make the semi-sweet part and eat it all by myself.


5 thoughts on “Burnt offerings

  1. True story: My husband walked into his office one day and told his secretary that the vendor out front sold him the worst hot dog ever for lunch. “How bad was it?” she asked. “Horrible, disgusting; I’ll never buy from that guy again,” he replied.

    “Yea, but let me guess,” she said. “You ate the whole thing, right?”

    “Of course!” he said.

    My husband would have eaten your disaster had he been able to scrape it from the cup. Men!!!!


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