Apple cosy

I don’t know if you remember the apple cosy I made a while back.  Some people made fun of it and me for “wasting time and yarn” on such a thing.

20130418-211058.jpgI usually take an apple to work to eat at lunch and I just drop it in my purse.  This week we’ve had some warm days and my cold-just-out-of-the-refrigerator apple got condensation on it and made things in my purse wet.  Apple cosy to the rescue!

My apple stays protected and so does my purse.

Make fun of me and my apple cosy if you want.  I really don’t care.

Train FOs and WIP

I went to a conference (work related)  in Philadelphia this past week.  Knitting on the train was great. 

 Unfortunately I didn’t get to any yarn shops.  The closest yarn shops hours didn’t work out with my schedule.  I packed enough yarn for several projects but not enough clothes.  In fact I ran out of clothes.  Oops! 

 FOs: 2 swiffer covers, an apple cosy.   All made from Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn in Black, Cottage Twists, and Hot Green. 

 WIP: A very good start on a soaker (using this and this)  for one of my granddaughters using Cascade 220 (Green color???) and Sensations Kashmira (Aqua, discontinued). 

Swiffer covers, apple cosy, soaker


The apple cosy has a red bag in it as I didn’t have any apples.  The leaf is a felt cut out that I sewed on instead of the knitted one in the directions.  I also found a cute lady bug button.  The one swiffer cover in the center is truly made from leftover yarn from all the other things I made from that yarn.   I do see a pattern with my color choices.  I like green.  

I needed the dpns from the Ruffled Bottle Sleeve (Knitted Gifts) for the soaker so I finished it Sunday afternoon.  I used about 10 yards of leftover sock yarn for each.  

Ruffled Bottle Sleeves


Nothing like a well dressed wine bottle.