Painting the living room is on my radar this weekend.  Monday is a holiday so I plan to use it for some decluttering and redecorating.  I bought a new chandelier for the freshly painted dining room and it’s waiting to be installed.

In order to paint I need to get the room emptied or at least the furniture away from the walls far enough to get the ladder in there to reach the ceiling.  What did I do last night?  Sat in front of the TV or computer.  Did I at least have some knitting in my hands?  No.

Instead of sitting doing SOMETHING, I sat doing nothing.  I would have felt guilty knitting when I should have been decluttering.  Make sense?  No, not to me either.  But that’s how I do things.

Can I change that about myself at my age?  I don’t know.

I have such lofty plans to do ABC when I get home from work.  Sometimes I do one of the things on my list but lately I don’t do anything I planned.  This morning I actually woke up refreshed.  Maybe tonight I’ll do something constructive.

My To-Do list for tonight:

  1. Dinner – I don’t have a choice.  It has to happen.
  2. Clean up dinner mess – Can do.
  3. Clean computer armoire in living room.
  4. Clean, empty and move small desk in living room.
  5. Find a place for the three boxes of music to live that currently reside beside the piano.  This has been something I’ve needed to do since we moved into this house.  I don’t have the right piece of furniture for this but I don’t know what is the right piece.
  6. Relocate bagpipes that also reside next to the piano.
  7. Take art down in the living room and spackle nail holes.
  8. Run a clean swiffer over the walls to get rid of any dust before painting this weekend.
  9. Finish Ms Ida mittens.
  10. Work on soaker.
  11. Knit myself a pair of seamless slippers.

And I’ll probably have three hours to do this tonight.  If I can do #1-4 and #9 tonight, I will be happy. 

Tomorrow is another day…

Train FOs and WIP

I went to a conference (work related)  in Philadelphia this past week.  Knitting on the train was great. 

 Unfortunately I didn’t get to any yarn shops.  The closest yarn shops hours didn’t work out with my schedule.  I packed enough yarn for several projects but not enough clothes.  In fact I ran out of clothes.  Oops! 

 FOs: 2 swiffer covers, an apple cosy.   All made from Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn in Black, Cottage Twists, and Hot Green. 

 WIP: A very good start on a soaker (using this and this)  for one of my granddaughters using Cascade 220 (Green color???) and Sensations Kashmira (Aqua, discontinued). 

Swiffer covers, apple cosy, soaker


The apple cosy has a red bag in it as I didn’t have any apples.  The leaf is a felt cut out that I sewed on instead of the knitted one in the directions.  I also found a cute lady bug button.  The one swiffer cover in the center is truly made from leftover yarn from all the other things I made from that yarn.   I do see a pattern with my color choices.  I like green.  

I needed the dpns from the Ruffled Bottle Sleeve (Knitted Gifts) for the soaker so I finished it Sunday afternoon.  I used about 10 yards of leftover sock yarn for each.  

Ruffled Bottle Sleeves


Nothing like a well dressed wine bottle.

FBS and soakers

Some progress on the EZ February Baby Sweater.

February Baby Sweater pistachio

I like the idea with this sweater but I’m not loving it…yet.  I’m not into lace-type knitting and I would call the Gull stitch lacy.  Give me stripes, Fairisle, knits and purls but not yarn overs, k2tog and ssk.

I intended to make several of these sweaters for new babies but I may have to rethink this. 

On another note I did get one picture of the Curly Purly wool soakers I made for my twin granddaughters last year.

Curly Purly Soakers Coral Purple

I used Cleckheaton yarn from my stash.  These were great to knit and my daughter loves them.  I’ve knit more but I only have pictures of these.  Some were made with Cascade 220 and Kashmira.  I do need to make at least two more.

I will take my Ms Ida CLMittens with me to work as I might have a chance to figure out how to bind off in pattern so they look  good with a rounded tip instead of the pointy tip.  Pictures if I’m successful.

Disaster strikes

I was messing around with my theme yesterday and lost my sidebar.  I think I got everything back in place but I don’t remember exactly what it looked like before said messing around.

I did consolidate all the sweaters in the gallery instead of classifying them by construction.  The gallery is sad but since I forget to take pictures of most of what I knit, it’s the best I can do for now.

I’ve knit several soakers for my daughter’s twins but I have no pictures of them since I give them to her just as soon as I finish them.  Maybe she can take some pictures so I can post them.  For those of you wanting to knit wool soakers for your cloth diapered babies, I use the Curly Purly Soaker pattern.  Love. It.

I managed to get a couple of hours of knitting in yesterday and finished the lace edging on the Lace Hem Topping.  Still not a huge fan of lace though I did get into the rhythm.  As a visual learner, I thought charts would be easier than written instructions and maybe they will once I learn what the heck the symbols mean.

First up this morning is cleaning, deep cleaning the bathroom.  Washing the rugs and shower curtain cleaning.  I might even tackle the linen closet or perhaps a shelf.  After all I have to do something to “earn” my knitting time.