Disaster strikes

I was messing around with my theme yesterday and lost my sidebar.  I think I got everything back in place but I don’t remember exactly what it looked like before said messing around.

I did consolidate all the sweaters in the gallery instead of classifying them by construction.  The gallery is sad but since I forget to take pictures of most of what I knit, it’s the best I can do for now.

I’ve knit several soakers for my daughter’s twins but I have no pictures of them since I give them to her just as soon as I finish them.  Maybe she can take some pictures so I can post them.  For those of you wanting to knit wool soakers for your cloth diapered babies, I use the Curly Purly Soaker pattern.  Love. It.

I managed to get a couple of hours of knitting in yesterday and finished the lace edging on the Lace Hem Topping.  Still not a huge fan of lace though I did get into the rhythm.  As a visual learner, I thought charts would be easier than written instructions and maybe they will once I learn what the heck the symbols mean.

First up this morning is cleaning, deep cleaning the bathroom.  Washing the rugs and shower curtain cleaning.  I might even tackle the linen closet or perhaps a shelf.  After all I have to do something to “earn” my knitting time.

Your thoughts? I read them all.

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