The most amazing jigsaw puzzle

Five of us put together this amazing puzzle while we were visiting my brother in New Hampshire last week.  My brother, sister, sister-in-law, sister-in-law’s nephew and I.  Mr. Aitch and Mr. Are (my brother-in-law) cheered us on.

The puzzle has irregular edges.  It was in the shape of a frog.


The pieces were not the typical shaped pieces either.  There were frogs, fish, mermaids, sharks, at least one seahorse, buffalo, birds, and many other fun shapes. Sorry, no separate photos of those but you can make out some of those shapes below.


009-NH-Trip-Frog-5The puzzle called “Frog” by Sue Coccia and is produced by Liberty Puzzles.  Their logo piece is an eagle with the word “Liberty” on the back.  The cut pattern for this puzzle is different from the one currently one their website.

As we started oohing and awing over the various shapes Sunday afternoon, my sister kept saying “It’s too hard.  It’s too hard.” But we persevered.



And by Tuesday afternoon it was complete.  The amusing, whimsical shapes and family interaction were extraordinary.

What fun group activities does your family do?  Do you like jigsaw puzzles?


10 thoughts on “The most amazing jigsaw puzzle

  1. Cool! We love puzzles. The girls are just getting into the bigger puzzles.
    We also play cards. I need to teach them rummy. Saturday morning, I make decaf coffee and we sit around the table, sipping coffee and playing cards.


  2. This looks awesome! I love puzzles. I just got a Harry Potter puzzle for us to do. After I got it, it occurred to me that the entire puzzle is pretty much in shades of black. 🙂 It’s going to be challenging!


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