First knits

Well, these are not exactly the first knits of 2018 but close enough.

I knit a pair of mitts for a dear friend a few years ago and her children love them and sometimes wear them.

So I knit a pair of mitts for each of them.

Crossed Cables – Shirl’s Mittlets knit in Yarn Bee Snowflake wool blend

Honeycomb – adapted from Unisex Gloves knit in Araucania Natural Wool

Owl – Who’s Owl Mitts knit in Cleckheaton

Bumpy – my pattern knit in Lion Brand Wool-Ease

Ziggy -my pattern knit in Lion Brand Wool-Ease

I hope they don’t fight over them…

Ungifted knits 2016

Secret knits that haven’t been gifted yet include this beautiful. delicious, wonderful pair of mitts, a child-sized pair of mitts, a hat, and two ear warmers/headbands.

Don’t Skid, Honey mitts were so fun to knit.  Malabrigo Rios in the yummy Playa color is so soft and easy to work with.  The color is closer to the photos of the finished mitts…blues, greys, and some gold. I love it.



These mitts have not been gifted as I’m not sure where they are going.  I broke one of the knitting rules: Knit something they want and will use.  I obviously had these mitts in mind for a certain person when I purposely bought the yarn and started to knit.  Mr. Aitch kept asking if the person requested these mitts and I kept making excuses about why I thought they would like them.


So when the mitts were finished and blocked, I asked a person close to the giftee whether or not the receiver would want and/or use them.  The answer: “The mitts are beautiful but probably not.”  I’m OK with that and realize I should have listened to Mr. Aitch.


I’ll just hang on to them for a while.


Henry’s Hat is finished!  I had to reknit most of it but it turned out so nice.


The already gifted mittens coordinate.


The mitts and two Hot Mess ear warmers/headbands will soon be on their way.  Only one ear warmers/headband is finished as that project took a backseat to the other knits.



The mitts are for my grandson using the same beginning as the felted mittens.  Both yarns are machine washable.  Lime green is Cleckheaton Country 8 ply yarn, 100% washable wool and the dark green is the same as the mittens, Lionbrand Wool-eze.


The ear warmers/headbands are the same Red Heart I used for the mitts.  They have to be different so I’m not sure what I will do for the second one.  Maybe two-toned?



Gifted Knit 2016 Part 2

Still catching up on 2016 knits…

The other gifted knit was a pair of felted mittens for one of my grandson using a generic mitten pattern that I tweaked, made larger and then felted.

The wrist ribbing was knit with Lions Brand Wool-eze in a dark green that won’t felt and the hand part of the mitten was Cascade 220 in Primavera that did felt.


Before felting, I drew around on of the mittens so I could see the difference.


I felted the mittens by hand so they aren’t as “solid” and machine felted ones but I think they will do the job of keeping his hands relatively dry and warm.


I filled two bowls with water, one cold and the other one HOT.


The mittens soaked in the cold water for several minutes.



Then dipped and swished in the hot water.



Cold water…


“scrubbing” the mittens to felt the yarn…


…then back into the hot water.


Add hot water periodically to keep the temperature contrast.  I had to wear rubber gloves to protect my hands from the heat.


and repeat again, and again, and again until the item is felted to your liking.


They didn’t felt as small as I thought but then again, I did this by hand.  Machine felting would have definitely been better but this was a small project and I wanted to have more control over the process.

The process took about 20 minutes of switching between the two bowls and rubbing the mittens together to get them to felt.


They are a bit big but he can grow into them.


If any one is interested in the pattern (I made up as I went along), just leave a comment below.


Gifted knits 2016 Part 1

Fingerless mitts were on the needles of knitted gifts for my granddaughters this year.

The twins wanted mitts just like the ones I knit for their mother. I used some stash yarn I purchased years ago for sweaters for them (that didn’t get made).  The difference is the edging color so they can tell them apart.  Easy care acrylic yarn that is machine washable and dryable.


Shirl’s Mitts.  Using worsted weight yarn and dropped down to size US 5 needle so they would be smaller.


I understand that as soon as these were unwrapped on Christmas morning, the girls put them on and wore them all day!


My other granddaughter wanted fingerless mitts as well.  I decided to use a more complicated pattern since I only had to make one pair.


Point Reyes Mitts from Classic Elite. The pattern called for a wool/bamboo yarn but once again, I shopped from my stash.  The color was the important part along with easy care so I used Cleckheaton Country 8 ply yarn, 100% washable wool.  I also went down one size needle to US 3 to make them smaller.


Fun pattern that is both written and charted.


They fit her perfectly.