Gifted Knit 2016 Part 2

Still catching up on 2016 knits…

The other gifted knit was a pair of felted mittens for one of my grandson using a generic mitten pattern that I tweaked, made larger and then felted.

The wrist ribbing was knit with Lions Brand Wool-eze in a dark green that won’t felt and the hand part of the mitten was Cascade 220 in Primavera that did felt.


Before felting, I drew around on of the mittens so I could see the difference.


I felted the mittens by hand so they aren’t as “solid” and machine felted ones but I think they will do the job of keeping his hands relatively dry and warm.


I filled two bowls with water, one cold and the other one HOT.


The mittens soaked in the cold water for several minutes.



Then dipped and swished in the hot water.



Cold water…


“scrubbing” the mittens to felt the yarn…


…then back into the hot water.


Add hot water periodically to keep the temperature contrast.  I had to wear rubber gloves to protect my hands from the heat.


and repeat again, and again, and again until the item is felted to your liking.


They didn’t felt as small as I thought but then again, I did this by hand.  Machine felting would have definitely been better but this was a small project and I wanted to have more control over the process.

The process took about 20 minutes of switching between the two bowls and rubbing the mittens together to get them to felt.


They are a bit big but he can grow into them.


If any one is interested in the pattern (I made up as I went along), just leave a comment below.


Stash busting again

Ten years ago I received this yarn as a Christmas gift from someone in my office.  She knew I wanted to try felting and this yarn is great (so I’ve heard) for felting.


I bought a new winter coat this year and it’s not my usual red or green.  It’s called Marigold (source).


Anyway I need a new hat and purse to go with this unusual (for me) color.


My green and blue hat just doesn’t look that good with this golden-yellow.

lopi-002Nor does my Ruby and Charcoal purse I made several years ago.  Plus it’s just too small!


After swatching the Lopi and holding it against my skin, it’s too scratchy for a hat but it will make a perfect purse.  I only have 320 yards so I hope I have enough for something felted that won’t be too small.

And it’s only one color.  It’s a BIG no-no to mix different brands of yarn when felting so if I want another color, I’ll either have to dye this or find it in a different color…and since that yarn is discontinued, finding some might be difficult.

No specific pattern yet for the purse.  Any suggestions?


There are a few definitions for the word “felt” and I’m going to talk about a couple of them today.

Mr. Aitch and our daughter have strep throat.  Mr. Aitch was at her house last week so they probably were exposed to it at the same time.  They felt pretty badly on Monday and Tuesday but feel better today after taking the right medication.

A couple of years ago I tried my hand at making felt Christmas ornaments.  I ran out of time.  Thinking about doing something is not the same as actually doing it.

So I am reviving that project.


I have a few shapes cut out already.  Now comes the embellishing part.  I printed out some of my Pinterest pins from my Felt board for inspiration.  (You may need to join Pinterest (for free) to see that.)


Sorry for the poor quality in these photos.  I was in a hurry and the lighting wasn’t good.  Plus all I had was my iPad camera.  Excuses, excuses.

I’m also working on my original  felted  CCM hat.


I still wear it with only the one partial paisley embroidered on it.  It’s very warm.  And I love it with or without the paisley.


I knit another one last spring and have not felted it yet.  The yarn sheds.  And I mean S.H.E.D.S.  I was afraid to felt the hat in the washing machine as I didn’t want to plug up the hose so I used a new plunger and bucket of hot water to felt the first hat.  It was quite the workout!!  It was too hot this summer to engage in that activity so I waited until it got cooler.


What’s stopping me from felting this new hat?

I just haven’t felt like it.


Remember my failed, successful, and failed attempts for a tablet/iPad cover?  I have succeeded once again!

I decided to follow the KISS rule.  Keep It Simple, Sweetie.

My inspiration came from something I found on Pinterest:

I love all grey colors and the stripe of bright called to me.  I didn’t want to buy any more yarn for this project so I used what I had.  My red didn’t pop as much as I wanted but I like it anyway.  Plus it fits my iPad.

I started with the flap end on straight needles then switched to circular needles to knit the body in the round.  Actually I wanted it in garter stitch since that was how my successful one was knit so I knit a row then purled a row.  I don’t mind purling though I know some people HATE it!  I dislike seaming more than I dislike purling.  When I got to the bottom, I did a 3-needle bind off.  No seams!!

Measurements before felting:

Measurements after felting:

The top flap was pulled and stretched to make it the size I wanted so it is basically the same length before as after.  The cover really is square but the it was at a slight angle when I took the photo so it looks a bit lop-sided.

This could have been felted a bit longer as I can still see the knit rows.  The finished cover is thick and dense.  Maybe it’s the lighter color that shows the rows but I really don’t want to make another one of these (if you know what I mean) since I’ve already made this four times!  Reknitting a failed project isn’t fun.

I haven’t lined this yet and I’m debating on whether or not to add a magnetic snap.  The cover stays closed but I would feel better knowing nothing (like the iPad) would fall out if picked up with the open end down.