Stash busting again

Ten years ago I received this yarn as a Christmas gift from someone in my office.  She knew I wanted to try felting and this yarn is great (so I’ve heard) for felting.


I bought a new winter coat this year and it’s not my usual red or green.  It’s called Marigold (source).


Anyway I need a new hat and purse to go with this unusual (for me) color.


My green and blue hat just doesn’t look that good with this golden-yellow.

lopi-002Nor does my Ruby and Charcoal purse I made several years ago.  Plus it’s just too small!


After swatching the Lopi and holding it against my skin, it’s too scratchy for a hat but it will make a perfect purse.  I only have 320 yards so I hope I have enough for something felted that won’t be too small.

And it’s only one color.  It’s a BIG no-no to mix different brands of yarn when felting so if I want another color, I’ll either have to dye this or find it in a different color…and since that yarn is discontinued, finding some might be difficult.

No specific pattern yet for the purse.  Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Stash busting again

    • I think the yellow yarn I bought last week will be part of a new hat. I will make up a purse pattern and hope it will be larger than my original. I need one the size I made for you but I don’t think I have enough yarn for that and I’d need a second color.


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