Yarn order

Trying to get ones knitting mojo back is a hard task but I think I might be gaining on that.  Periodically Knit Picks* says “goodbye” to some yarn colors and I happened to spot two that I liked.  As I’m a member of Helen Stewart’s The Handmade Sock Society 2, I’m desperately stash diving for yarns that I like.  If you have any kind of a stash (fabric, fiber, dyes, threads, paper, office supplies, cigars, etc.), then you sometimes buy items that you wanted to try but then don’t particularly like anymore.

So here I am with some sock yarn that falls into that stash category of I-don’t-really-like-this-color-anymore or the What-was-I-thinking?  I should just sell or trade them on Ravelry…and I will once I find the gumption to list them.

Back to the Knit Picks “goodbye” sale… I needed a knitting pick-me-up sp I found Hawthorn Fingering Multicolor yarn had two such “goodbye” colorways that I loved.

Rich blues and purples of Goose Hollow…

…and the deep blue-greens that morph into warm yellow greens of Cully.

Goose Hollow is still available but evidently, Cully is sold out.

And to round out my order (for free shipping) a pair of super sharp steaking scissors.  These 4-inch little gems are VERY sharp, fit nicely in my knitting gadget bag and have a point protector.

*I am not affiliated with Knit Picks and did not receive any compensation for this post.  I just like and use these products and thought you might, too.

THSS II Samphire

The Handmade Sock Society II second sock pattern, Samphire, came out last month.  I’ve been working on it though this is the first time I’ve posted about it.

The yarn is Knit Picks Stroll fingering weight in Aurora Heather (color 25025), a rich, deep hunter green.

The pattern has a lace panel down the front which doesn’t show up well in my pictures so I’ve borrowed this one from the pattern.

My first mistake was when I decided to count the stitches on the needle.  That’s when I discovered I had lost two stitches somewhere between the ribbing and row 54.  The pattern stitches were fine somehow and I could always not decrease a couple of stitches after the heel turn to make up for the two missing ones.

Then I forgot to mark my row and knit it a second time.

Lace has a certain rhythm and knitting two identical rows just throws it all off.  I tried to knit back a few rows to correct it but I kept losing more stitches with the knit-two-together, slip-slip-knit, and the yarn overs.

I ripped it all out back to the ribbing and decided to put in some lifelines after each 12-row lace pattern.  The good news is that I did start with the correct amount of stitches and didn’t have to reknit the ribbing.

Wish me luck…


I’m still here.  I haven’t knit one stitch since Monday.  Mr. Aitch’s niece is expecting in July and the baby shower is next month so I’ve got a pair of baby booties on the needles.

Anyway, I’ve been working in our walk-in closet this week making a double hang section for clothes where a single hang section is now.  No eyes have been poked out nor fingers lost so it’s a win-win so far.  Sorry, no work-in-progress pics of anything.  Maybe next week.

Have a great weekend!

FO Friday

FO = finished object

Yay!  One more pair of socks for the gift pile…or myself.

This is the Handmade Sock Society Season 2 first sock: Shell Cottage.  If you’ve ever knit anything from Helen Stewart, you know how well written her patterns are.  She lists each row and the stitch count so it’s easy to put down the project and pick it up again.  I still kept track of my rows on the sock foot so I could make they were both the same length.  I learned the hard way to count my rows rather than just measure the length as it is easy to stretch an item to make it fit (and hurry the knitting along).

The second sock in the series will be released next month.

Knit Picks Stroll fingering yarn in Basalt Heather, 69 grams.  Size #1 (2.25mm) needle.

I really like the texture.

Have you finished anything lately?