Dealing with kinky

…kinky yarn that is.

This scarf has been in my UFO (unfinished objects) pile since October 2011.  That’s right, almost seven years.  The plan was to wear a bright color between my leather motorcycle jacket and helmet.

I love the colors.  I like the pattern.  I like the Linen Stitch.

Just not going to finish it.

Yarn gets kinky when unraveled, especially when it’s been knitted or crocheted for a long time.  To get the kinks out of the yarn, Mr. Aitch unraveled the scarf while I wrapped it around my (homemade) Knitty Noddy.  (Make your own here.)  The yarn was taut enough (though not too tight) on the Knitty Noddy so I left it on there, sprayed the yarn with some cool water and hung it on a towel rack to dry overnight*.

When all was dry, I took the yarn off the Knitty Noddy and saw that most of it was straight.  Only a little was still kinky but it was good enough.  I think those parts were on the loop end and didn’t get wet enough.

Mr. Aitch was busy and I was impatient so I “tried” to wind the yarn into a ball by myself.  Oops!  Made a knotty mess.

It’s almost like getting free yarn!  Now I need to figure out a project that uses 285 yards or less of DK weight yarn and isn’t a hat.

How do you get the kinks out of unraveled/reused/recycled yarn or do you just knit with it all kinky and such?

*This Knitty Noddy is made from PVC pipe so it’s ok to get it wet.  Not sure if leaving the wet/damp yarn on a wooden one would be a good idea.


Calico is now Sunny Day

Last week I mentioned that I was reknitting a top using some Berroco Calico yarn.  The colors are very difficult to capture but it is a riot of warm tones.

Using the Drops Sunny Day Top pattern, I decided to start on the front before I got to the armhole shaping for the back.  I want to use as much yarn as possible and at this point, I can make the top a bit longer or shorter as needed.

The top has a two stitch garter edge that should make seaming a breeze as well as four rows of garter stitch at the bottom to keep it from rolling too much.

My markers indicate the decrease rows.  Only eight stitches in all but it should give the top some shaping.

The charted back is relatively easy but I need to concentrate.

As you can see, I missed the correct placement of one of the yarn overs.  It’s closer to the bottom than the top and I’m not going to fix it.

That’s right.  It will be our secret.  Shhh!


Top-down seamless cardigan

With all that top-down-seamless-making-it-up-as-I-go cardigan button angst, I decided to go with the mustard buttons.

I had the perfectly matched sleeveless shell to wear with it.

Instead of sewing on the buttons, I used these tiny codder ( or are they cotter) pins that were in some of the button boxes from iPad aunt.  The button shank was long enough to fit through the knitted button band so I could wiggle the codder pin through it.  No tedious sewing and I can change out the buttons as I wish!

Plus I decided to just go with three buttons.

The pin nestles right into the knitting.

I love this sweater.  The colors played well together and from a distance, it looks like a solid color.  The Debbie Bliss Mia yarn felt good in my hands.  The color did bleed a bit.

The “false” seam kept the sweater from twisting.  I just did a line of reverse stockinette at the “seam” line.

The thing I don’t love is the fit.  Yes, I tried it on as I knit but after soaking and blocking, the sweater grew.

My swatch was five inches to the inch but I think I swatch too tightly (just want to get it done!) and when I’m knitting, I’m more relaxed.  This ended up being four stitches to the inch.  So it’s a bit large.  Like six inches too large.

And it stretched throughout the day.  The neckline was almost to the edge of my shoulder!

Other than starting over, I’m at a loss as to a solution. I don’t have any problems ripping it all out and starting over with fewer stitches, especially knowing that I have enough yarn.

Seems like I’m batting ZERO so far this year with sweaters that fit.

What would you do?  Rip or ???


Calico Top revisited

I began this sleeveless top over a year ago.  No real pattern, just knitted what I thought would fit.  I don’t remember when I finished the actual knitting but I didn’t get it seamed up until the beginning of May.

I don’t like it.

It’s too large.

I’m swimming in it.

I don’t like it.  Did I already say that?

Nobody wants to see that!!!


So I took it to the Frog Pond, ripped it out and wound all the yarn into balls.  I started knitting Sunny Day Top by Drops Design 170-32.

I hope I have enough yarn.