Post felting

I did it!  And I’m happy with the results.

The finished measurements are 10 1/2 inches tall and 13 1/4 inches wide.  It’s shown here stuffed with 2 bath towels and a hand towel.  The pile of fluff is what I had to shave off as it was a bit fuzzy.

I bought some leather straps but I don’t think they are quite right for this bag  so I’ve decided to knit some I-cord around a clothesline  as straps for strength and durability.  I’ll sew them on after they are felted.

The final decision I need to make is with the fabric for the lining.  Most of my bags have a dark interior and I feel like I’m looking into a black hole to find what I need.  I prefer a brighter lining.

I’d rather use a piece of fabric I already have rather than buy something new.

Option 1 is a scrap of cotton (less than 1/2 yard) from my mother-in-law’s stash.  There might be enough for pockets which I find are a necessity.  Of course the pocket could be made from another fabric or I could make a zippered pocket with a different lining as well.

Option 2 is a bright lime green silky-satiny fabric that matches the green squiggle on the front.  I have a yard which is more than enough for the lining and many pockets.

Do you have an opinion on the lining? 

I still have to knit the straps so I have at least a day to decide.

10 thoughts on “Post felting

  1. I love green so that’s my choice. I think the other will blend in and be lost in the purse. I need lessons on lining. I can’t sew and have a bag I made a year ago for somebody that I haven’t given them because I can’t line it!


  2. I love the lime green. I think the other will blend in and get lost. I need some lessons on lining. I can’t sew and made a bag for somebody over a year ago and haven’t given it to them because I can’t line it!


  3. I love both fabrics. Use the one that is the sturdiest and will take a lot of wear and tear. My linings that I have in my purses always needed to be patched as I put a lot of wear and tear on them..


  4. I like the red….I want the green for my purse. I know you gave the measurements but it looks small in the picture. Handles would be tricky….I looked at the tute and there is alot of work in those! I’m glad you are happy with it…..turned out very pretty!


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