Felt ornaments

I made some felt ornaments a few weeks ago and never posted much (if anything) about them.  They are a bit puffy with some fiberfill but not too much, just enough to give them some dimension.

First up is the tree:


They look a bit blue but are really two shades of green, some coordinating floss and a few buttons.

Second, holly leaves and berries:


Same two colors of green, coordinating floss and some red pom poms.  I decided to machine stitch the lighter green instead of stem stitch as my stem stitch isn’t very good.  The pom poms were glued on.  You can see the glue but it did dry clear.  I’m thinking I should have secured them with a few stitches.  Time will tell if I need to do that.

Last are my favorite little birds:


I used to paint wooden ones and sell them though they had a bit more detail.  If I still have some left, I can show you my inspiration for the felt version.

The tree is the largest at about 4-5 inches tall.  The best thing is that they are unbreakable.  Perfect for curious little hands.



Catching some z’s

I try to get enough sleep at night but sometimes I just want to take a nap.  It must be the after-breakfast-carb-crash that makes me sleepy around 9:00 in the morning.  I have on occasion fallen asleep at my computer at work.  Just for a couple of seconds and wake up abruptly when my head starts to drop to my chest.

Z-z-z-z Whiplash!

I’m making some felt ornaments for my grandchildren.


I need to trim this one a bit more as the Z is not centered.  I think I’m going to stitch beads around the edge.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I feel a three-second nap coming on…. z-z-z-z


There are a few definitions for the word “felt” and I’m going to talk about a couple of them today.

Mr. Aitch and our daughter have strep throat.  Mr. Aitch was at her house last week so they probably were exposed to it at the same time.  They felt pretty badly on Monday and Tuesday but feel better today after taking the right medication.

A couple of years ago I tried my hand at making felt Christmas ornaments.  I ran out of time.  Thinking about doing something is not the same as actually doing it.

So I am reviving that project.


I have a few shapes cut out already.  Now comes the embellishing part.  I printed out some of my Pinterest pins from my Felt board for inspiration.  (You may need to join Pinterest (for free) to see that.)


Sorry for the poor quality in these photos.  I was in a hurry and the lighting wasn’t good.  Plus all I had was my iPad camera.  Excuses, excuses.

I’m also working on my original  felted  CCM hat.


I still wear it with only the one partial paisley embroidered on it.  It’s very warm.  And I love it with or without the paisley.


I knit another one last spring and have not felted it yet.  The yarn sheds.  And I mean S.H.E.D.S.  I was afraid to felt the hat in the washing machine as I didn’t want to plug up the hose so I used a new plunger and bucket of hot water to felt the first hat.  It was quite the workout!!  It was too hot this summer to engage in that activity so I waited until it got cooler.


What’s stopping me from felting this new hat?

I just haven’t felt like it.

2 questions

I started the Garter Stitch bag on Wednesday in a class taught at my LYS (local yarn store).  I decided to make the bag smaller than the sample (17 stitches instead of 25)  and I’m wondering if it will be too small.  That’s really beside the point.

The point is my color placement.

I have 7 of the 22 squares finished and I decided I wanted to add a shock of lime green to the muted ruby-red and charcoal grey.  Anyway, I’m thinking that having a green stripe in every square is not as shocking as say, just one or two stripes of green.

What do you think?

Second question (and I’ve already decided what I’m going to do):

See that arrow pointing to the space between the two squares?  That seam is thicker than any other seam.  Now, I’ve never felted anything before and don’t know if this make a difference in the finished product but I think I want to redo that seam.

What would you do?

Of course if I take out the green stripes in most of the squares, my second question will be answered.