Christmas Wishes 2016

Before we get to the meat of this post, I want to thank all our veterans for serving and defending the freedoms we enjoy each and every day.  Thank you so much.

Well, I’m really going against MY rules about posting something about Christmas before Thanksgiving in the US but I’m posting this now those of you who wanted/needed a reminder early enough so you can do this, too, if you want.

Christmas Wishes or an Advent calendar of sorts.  A small gift, Words of encouragement, activity suggestion, simple craft, or treat is opened each day before Christmas. For more details, read this.

In the beginning I used brown paper lunch-sized bags.  Then one year I wrapped each “gift” and quickly learned that I wasn’t doing that again!  Finally I made those sour cream packets since I was using small items and the lunch bags were just too large.

I used card stock this year and glue sticks.  The double-sided tape works better but is more expensive.  Plus I didn’t have much tape.


I printed out the numbers and cut them out with a large hole punch.  Paper sizes were 4×5, 4×6, and 6×6.  A paper cutter works great but so does a rotary cutter.

The mini ornaments and no candy.


The card stock was sturdier than what I used in the past so I held the ends together with spring clips until the glue dried.  I won’t lie, this took longer than using the double-sided tape but I needed to take breaks anyway.


If the end wouldn’t stay shut, I had to use the tape.


The completed packets can be hung from a ribbon, tree branch, dowel, or curtain rod.





Day 24 included some surprises for the entire family so it was wrapped in a larger box.


Ready to send!


Do you do anything for Advent or a countdown for Christmas?

Selling myself short

Jude commented on Casting off another way


First of all….those look VERY complicated to even think about doing. You are excellent at your craft. Those mitts should be worth about 80$ or more if someone were to purchase them.!!!

I do it all the time.  Well, when someone asks me to knit something for them and then asks how much I would charge.

I had no problem coming up with a price for a crocheted item a friend of mine made for someone else.  She asked me for my opinion and said with the time invested and cost of the yarn, I wouldn’t charge less than $35.  And she did.  And the person paid the price.

A friend commissioned me to make the Drinkers Mitts for her and I gave her a price.  A very low price. It’s not high enough for the amount of work involved but I felt bad charging what I would charge a complete stranger.

Do you charge a flat fee?  Do you use some type of formula to come up with a price?  Or do you sell yourself short?

I am my mother’s child

My mom would find ways to reuse things that most people would throw out.

Our house number changed last Fall because of a new 911 system to help first responders in rural areas.  Some residents had to change the street name as well.  We’ve lived in this house for 21 years and this is the fourth address.  The first address was a route and box number.  The second address was a real street and house number.  The third was the same house number and street name but different city (and I use that term loosely).  And now this house number change.

Over the years we accumulated address labels.  We’d get them with donations to various organizations and charities.  Sometimes our insurance agent would mail them to us.  We used them but since we switched most of our bill paying to on-line banking, we just didn’t mail much any more.

And now they have the wrong house number.

So last weekend I pulled them all out of the junk drawer and decided to do something with them…besides just throw them away.

Most of the labels had a cute graphic next to the address.  I cut the graphic off using an X-acto knife, my quilting ruler, and self-healing cutting mat.



Most of them are about a half-inch square.

Now I have to figure out what to do with them.  Use them instead of gold star on chore charts for my grand kids?  Advent calendars for next Christmas?

What would you do?


Crunch time

Edit: I had this ready to post on the 19th but forgot to click the “publish” button.  My apologies.

I did not fall off the face of the Earth.  I’m still here.


I’ve been decorating, cleaning, decluttering, partying, praying, gift-wrapping, knitting and sewing along with the usual working, eating, and sleeping stuff that happens whether I want it to or not.

My brother-in-law is coming to our house today Thursday the 19th so that’s the cleaning, decluttering, and decorating part.  He’s doing the narration for Mr. Aitch’s Cantata on Sunday evening.

Three and two-thirds slippers have been knitted.

Birthday gifts have been wrapped and hand delivered for the twin’s birthday party last Sunday.

Pillow cases, quilt backs, and a drawstring bag have been sewn.   The drawstring bag was a last-minute gift idea, and I mean last-minute gift for their birthday.  I filled it with four squeeze bottles, a package of neon food coloring and instructions for making “snow paint”:  Fill bottle half way with water and add 4-6 drops of coloring to paint the snow.

I made pillow cases that match the quilts…that aren’t finished.

Crunch time list in no particular order:

  1. Finish the quilts.  They are not even sandwiched together yet let alone ready to be quilted.   Do you think I’d still have a job if I took my sewing machine to work on Monday?
  2. Sew pencil/marker cases for four grandchildren.
  3. Make snowman kits (carrot nose, eyes, buttons, felt hat).  And make another drawstring bag for the kits.
  4. Sew a “taggie” ball for my newest grandbaby.
  5. Knit the last third of the second pair of slippers.
  6. Make a cheesecake for Saturday.   Done
  7. Make cheesy potatoes for the party after the Cantata on Sunday.  In the oven now.
  8. Make another cheesecake for Christmas Day.
  9. Wrap all the gifts that are en route.
  10. Wrap all the gifts that will (soon) be completed.

At least my Christmas cards are ready to be mailed.  Mailed Thursday afternoon.