Christmas Wishes – 2012 edition

For the past several years I have done an Advent-type activity with my grown kids.  They both have families of their own so I’m focusing on the grandchildren this year.  Our grandson is seven and his sister is three.  The twins will be four in December.

In the past I would put a small gift in a brown paper lunch bag and close it with a numbered tag.  The bag would be opened on that particular day starting December 1 and ending on December 24.

Instead of using the lunch bags this year, I opted for “sour cream” packets.  They are so easy to make and can be adapted to any size needed.  Check out this tutorial from Splitcoaststampers

I used scrapbook paper (50% off with a coupon) from Joann’s.  Most of the packets I made were 4 x 6 inches to make better use of the 12 x 12 inch paper.  The longer packets were 6 x 8 inches and held a candy cane or two.  Round labels worked great for my number stickers.  Green numbers were for one child and red for the other.

I bought each family a small pre-lighted Christmas tree.  Each packet contains a sweet treat and a small ornament.  The kids can add an ornament to their tree each day.   I also included a star tree topper and child friendly Nativity set.

Do you have an Advent tradition?

7 thoughts on “Christmas Wishes – 2012 edition

  1. My grandparents used to do this for us when we were kids. I then did it a few times for my granny, later for my mum. No kids in the family now, so traditions have lapsed…


    • Yes, I think you can pull this off. If you don’t have a crimper, just use pinking shears or decorative scissors to give the edge some interest. Since I had to get my ready to mail or give to my daughter to take with her, I had to make and stuff all of them at the same time. You can do a few days worth instead of making them all at one time.

      No scrapbook paper? Have your kids color or scribble on regular copy paper and use that. Or cut up magazines or catalogs.


  2. I love your new bags. How do you find something different to put in it 24 tiimes. You probably miss their openimg the packets and see the expression on their faces.


  3. These are adorable and a perfect wrap for little gifts. I’m linking this to a friend of mine, a new friend, here in NC who’s big into scrapbooking and I am sure has lots of paper. Thanks Patti. You always come up with such good stuff. Patsye


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