New bag

My fellow blogger, Salpal1, made some curtains and I commented on the travel theme.  Mr. Aitch and I just got a new GPS  and I thought a travel-themed fabric would be great to sew up a case for it.  So Salpal sent me some of her leftover fabric.

I loved the names of the states but wait…

…no West Virginia!

That just can’t be.

So using fabric markers and some rubber stamps, I altered the one side (sorry Oklahoma) to get at least one West (by God) Virginia on the cover.

I measured the size of the GPS and added an inch to each side so it would be easier to get in and out, added a zipper, lining, doubled the fusible batting for protection and called it done.The back…

The inside…Then I decided to make another cover/case for the window attachment and cord and have it large enough so everything would fit inside for when we want to remove it all from the car and keep everything all together.¬† I adapted the size of this pattern and made it a bit smaller.¬† I didn’t have enough of the Route 66 Fabric so I pieced together some complementary fabric to make it large enough.

Side A.

Side B.

Um, one side.

Inside with just the attachments.

All included.Ready to go.

Thank you, Salpal, for the fabric scraps.  I love it and had fun making it.


Pikes Peak

denver-001Last week Mr. Aitch and I were in Colorado visiting our daughter and family.  If you are a regular follower, you saw the pictures of our grandchildren wearing their pumpkin hats at the pumpkin farm.  They loved them.  Several people asked where to find them and I directed them to the pattern.


We took the cog train in Manitou Springs up Pikes Peak.  It was a warm day but we knew it would be cold at the summit.


The ride was awesome and the views breathtaking once the clouds moved out-of-the-way.


We were glad to have water to drink on the way up as it helps prevent¬†altitude sickness. ¬†Mr. Aitch and I were a little dizzy once we got to the summit. ¬†Fortunately we didn’t need and extra oxygen. ¬†Our winter coats, hats, and gloves were a necessity!


You can see the track that the cog wheels fit into to get the train up the mountain.  It is too steep for smooth wheels and tracks.


The track just stops at the edge.


Commemorative placard shown above and closer below recognizes Zebulon Montgomery Pike who discovered the mountain in 1806 while exploring the Louisiana Purchase.  Waist-deep snows kept him from scaling the mountain.


A view of the timber line.


The only wildlife we saw was in the lodge at the summit.


It was cold and rocky at the top.


Pumpkin hats at Pikes Peak Summit!



Adventures in NH

When riding a motorcycle 600 miles, one must be prepared for inclement weather.  We started out in our rain suits because everything was wet.  Good thing we did as we hit rain less than seven miles from our house.001-NH-Trip-Canal-Place

It rained off and on most of the morning.  I kept checking my phone weather app to see if we could remove those hot suits. Mr. Aitch took off his rain jacket when we stopped for fuel when this popped up.  We are the blue dot.002-Sheetz

We hung out there for about an hour while waiting for the rain to lighten up and spent the night near Albany, New York.

From ¬†Albany, New York to my brother’s house in New Hampshire was a better ride and beautiful weather.

003-NH-Trip VT004-NH-Trip

My brother, sister and I¬†went to the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen’s Fair and I met Carrie Cahill Mulligan of cmhats fame.005-NH-Trip-CCM-Hats

I’ve never met a knitter that wasn’t nice. ¬†She is so warm and friendly and her hats are incredibly beautiful! ¬†My favorite one is the grey and tan hat hanging just above my head in¬†the photo. ¬†Her hand embroidery is divine.

There were so many things to see that I forgot to take photos.   I did fish out my phone for a photo when I saw this quilt by Jane Frenke.  I love the bright colors and irregular edges. After doing some research I discovered her studio is about and hour and half away from me  Small world.006-NH-Trip-Jane-Frenke

We also worked on a very challenging jigsaw puzzle that my sister-in-law gave to my brother a few years ago and was never completed.  More about that on another day.

Three days of warm, sunny weather and then it started to rain.  On the day we left.



This time we spent the night in Scranton, PA.¬†Our boots were damp and Mr. Aitch’s glove were wet so we propped them over the fan in our room while we went for dinner.


Rain showers were in the area when we got up on the last day of our trip so we decided to take our time at breakfast.  We donned our rain suits before we left the hotel though the radar was relatively clear.  Pop-up showers were in the forecast but after mostly sunny skies and the heat of the day, we decided to get out of those hot rain suits.

Thirty minutes later…


Again – we are the blue dot.

013-NH-Trip-TyroneWe managed to get off the highway just as the skies opened up. ¬†You can see by Mr. Aitch’s shirt that we did get a little wet. ¬†We decided to have lunch hoping the rain would once again subside. ¬†It didn’t. ¬†After an hour wait we braved the rain and headed home.


To mostly sunny skies.