Vacation yarn

One of my vacation goals was to purchase a souvenir yarn from each state that we visited.  That didn’t quite work out as the only yarn I bought was from The Joy of Knitting in Franklin, Tennessee.

Lana Grossa Lace Lux.  One skein – 50g – 339 yards (310m), color 42 which is a silvery dark grey. 

The label was a bit shopworn but I couldn’t resist the color.

I’m thinking it will become Maluka.


I remember when I was in kindergarten and one day we were discussing foods or vegetables and what we had for dinner the night before.  The subject turned to spinach and one of the kids remarked that he was allergic to spinach.  Several other kids chimed in that they wished they were allergic to spinach as they didn’t like it.  I mean, it was what gave Popeye his strength, right?   I felt sorry for them as I really liked spinach. And I still do.  Raw or cooked.

Did you know that Alma, Arkansas is the Spinach Capital of the World?  Or that they have a park dedicated to the most famous spinach eater/lover ever? Me and the Man