You need to leave

It’s time for you to go.  Please gather your strength at this fine feast I have prepared for you.  I do love to gaze upon you and witness your fine aerodynamic feats but you really need to leave.

Fall has arrived and I want you to be safe and warm so you will return to me next spring.

Goodbye and enjoy your winter vacation as I shall be awaiting your return next year.


A fox is the school mascot for three of our grandkids so I gravitate towards those pattern charts if I want to knit something for them.  These Foxy Friends mitts by Fiona Alice fit the bill and were so quick and easy to knit as I began them Friday evening and finished both mitts by Sunday afternoon.

The worsted weight yarn made for the speed and using the larger needle size for the stranded colorwork helped keep the tension looser.

If I knit these again (and I’m sure I will as three kids can’t/won’t share one pair), I will continue the thumb pattern on the palm side as there will be shorter yarn floats in which fingers could get caught.  These mitts are super warm with the double layer of wool used for the fox faces.

Yarns used: Cascade Heather in Jet and Japanese Maple.  Brunswick Germantown Knitted Worsted in Ecru.  I used less than a fourth skein (I need a yarn scale!!) of each color.



I bought a kit for the Ramona Phoenix Cowl Kit from Interweave a week or two ago.  I do like the paisley pattern on the cowl but I don’t really like cowls for myself.  I don’t like putting things over my head.  But the yarn was such a great price that I decided to buy the kit just for the yarn, though I haven’t decided what to make yet.

The colors in the above picture are not the same as the kit which included two skeins of Plymouth Galway (210 yds. each) in black and three balls of Gina (109 yds. each) in Ocean color #17.

Have you ever purchased a kit for the contents and not for the intended purpose?