Rookie mistake

I finished a sweater for Mr. Aitch’s grand niece’s first birthday and I’m not happy with the result.

Funny how I didn’t see the lopsidedness of the snap band and the ridges until I took the pics.

I didn’t want to pick up all those stitches for a button band and should have just done a 4-5 stitch edging on the two front edges as I was knitting.  But no.  I wanted to add a fabric button band and snaps to make it easier to fasten and unfasten.  Not matching up the horizontal ridges was a rookie mistake.  I had such a time of getting those snaps on (I broke three in the process) that I just want to be done with it.

The party is Sunday and I’m debating on whether I should just remove the sewn on button/snap band and knit it OR give it as is and be embarrassed to gift such shoddy work.  And we know that I won’t do the later…

Day 1 of Advent/Christmas Wishes

The box of Christmas Wishes arrived at their destination.


Loops were added this year so the packages could hang from a banister, railing, mantle, tree, or whatever.



Day 24 contains some special things that wouldn’t fit inside those small packets.cw016


I love how my daughter decorated her mantel this year.


Do you do anything special for Advent?


Pecan pie

pecan-001We had Home Ec in junior high in my day…which was back in the 1960’s.  No such thing as a “middle school”.  Our junior high consisted of grades 7-9 but the year I was in 8th grade was the last year for the 9th grade to be included.  A new wing was built onto the high school so the 9th grade moved into the senior high with the rest of the “big” kids. But I digress.


Anyway, Home Ec was a real class where we learned how to read a recipe and follow the directions.  We made the BEST fudge, baked bread, cinnamon rolls and cookies, made a cake from scratch, and baked a pie crust filled with pudding.  I’m sure we learned how to do other things in that 9-week class but those are what I remember.


In 8th grade we had the opportunity to make a fruit pie or a pecan pie.  We had to supply our own mini 4-inch pie pan as we got to take this baked mini pie home with us.  I wanted a peach pie but my parents wanted a pecan pie, which cost an extra ten-cents!  So I made the pecan pie.  For them. I wanted no part of that deal.  Pecan pie was gross.  Or so I thought.


Dad loved it.  I don’t remember what Mom’s take was on it.  She might not have gotten a bite of it.  But Dad raved about it.


And I never made another one.


Until now.

pecan-007I baked my first full-sized pecan pie today.pecan-008

And Mr. Aitch loved it.

WIP Wednesday 2016-09-14

Works in progress.

shaad-mitts-003I dropped a stitch on the Shaad Mitts awhile back and forgot about it until I picked them back up and started working on them.


It took some time but I managed to find the dropped stitch and get it back on the needle.


Seven more pattern rows then the ribbing on the finger end and thumb.  And begin mitt #2.

I saw these cool Drinkers Mitts on Ravelry (free pattern) and posted them on my Facebook page.



A friend asked me if I could make them for her but change the background color to red.


Two rows down…many, many more to go.


Last month Rachelle from My Tangled Yarn posted about a hat she was making for her son: Henry’s Hat.


The story about Henry and his favorite hat also includes patterns for the hat, a sweater, and chipmunk toy.


So a hat for my grandson (whose middle name is my last name) is now on the needles.


I am in the process of decluttering, organizing, and getting rid of stuff that I don’t love or doesn’t fit in my life/house any more.  I’m also on a yarn and fabric diet.  No new yarn or fabric is coming into this house unless there is a specific reason/project for it.  And all the above projects are from my yarn stash!