And they call it a “service”

I mailed my Christmas cards on December 11, 2020.  That’s about a week earlier than I usually get them ready for the mail.  But I figured with the hot mess this country (and the world) is dealing with, I’d get a head start.

My sister lives less than 200 miles from me.  She just received our Christmas card yesterday.  25 days to go 200 miles.  That’s around eight miles a day.  I think the Pony Express moved faster than that!

And yet it is called the postal “service”.


19 thoughts on “And they call it a “service”

  1. Have to put the blame where it belongs…..the head cheese pulled the sorting machines and no overtime….delaying the mail in votes as well as all mail……making it virtually impossible for on time delivery…let alone high volume at the holidays. They worked as fast as humanly possible. At least it got there! Better late than never!👌


  2. Tell me about it! I mailed one package late this year, so I ponied up $40 for express mail on Dec 18. Postmistress said it would NOT get there in 2 days, but would be there by Christmas, though she looked a little uncomfortable saying that. It had to go to Pennsylvania. I watched the tracking, which said guaranteed delivery by 3:15pm on December 23. It left our PO in the evening of December 18, as one would suspect.

    It ARRIVED at the Philadelphia processing center at 7:15 pm on December 23. And there it sat.

    On December 26 I went to our PO to see how we could move it along. She could do nothing, but printed out everything I needed to get a refund. Which she could not process, I had to go to a larger PO. I did that, and here is what the nice young man said to me “I don’t think it will let me process this, it hasn’t been delivered yet.” I asked him to please try, and it did go through. But not before I said “so if it is never delivered, I can’t get a refund on my guaranteed delivery item?” Which made the lady behind me crack up. Next issue: they couldn’t issue cash, he printed me a money order. I then had to cash that. The machine could not read it. We went through all sorts of shenanigans, and finally he got the drawer to open, gave me the money, I went home, and continued to watch the tracking info. The package was delivered on Dec 30.

    It is no wonder that the darned thing is nearly bankrupt… in the end, they delivered my package for free! But it took a lot of time on local employees part, never mind everyone between here and there to make it happen!

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