The neighbors…again

Mr. Aitch and I have been enjoying our neighbors again.

We love watching this feathered couple outside our window.

Usually, the female eats from the feeder…

…preparing the meal…

…while the male sits or hops on the ground picking up any seeds she happens to knock off the suet cake.

But sometimes he gets a chance at the feeder, too.

Our neighbors

The back half of our property is wooded and abuts another much larger wooded area.  We have a new couple living somewhere back there who comes to our house to eat several times a day.

Two pileated woodpeckers.  A female.

And a male.

The one with the red “mustache” is the male.

They both visit our suet cake bird feeder several times a day though the female is the one that usually hangs out on the feeder which is about five-inches square so you can see how large she is. 

The male usually stays on a nearby tree or on the ground under the feeder catching and seeds that fall.  We just love watching them.


Leaf house

Mr. Aitch and I were raking leaves the other day and it reminded me of the “leaf houses” we used to make when I was little.


We would rake the leaves into a floor plan of a house.  We made a living room, dining room, kitchen, playroom, bathrooms and bedrooms complete with doorways and closets.  It was like a blueprint only made with leaves.  Then we would play house in the leaf house.


I told Mr. Aitch about the leaf houses and he thought I was weird.  He had never done such a thing nor heard of it.

Then when we were finished, we’d rake the leaves into a big pile and jump in them!

Did you do the house thing, or were we just weird kids?


Last month I mentioned that I wanted to fasten hardware cloth to the area under our deck to keep out furry little animals and snakes.


Repairing the chewed wiring for our deck lights cost us a pretty penny and we want to avoid that problem again.


This part was done several years ago.  It was cool enough yesterday to finish this side.


The ground was as hard as cement as we haven’t had much rain lately.



The rocky soil (if you can call what we have “soil”) and the slope of the ground meant the hardware cloth had to be cut to different heights.  Plus we had a mechanical failure with the heavy-duty staple gun but Mr. Aitch fixed it.


This side shouldn’t be as difficult as the ground is relatively even.  I want to scrub this section first and will be much easier to clean before the hardware cloth goes on.  Then all of this will be painted black so that it disappears.