You need to leave

It’s time for you to go.  Please gather your strength at this fine feast I have prepared for you.  I do love to gaze upon you and witness your fine aerodynamic feats but you really need to leave.

Fall has arrived and I want you to be safe and warm so you will return to me next spring.

Goodbye and enjoy your winter vacation as I shall be awaiting your return next year.

3 thoughts on “You need to leave

    • I used to take mine down on Labor Day as that was what my MIL suggested but now I leave it up longer so the more northern hummers have something to eat on their long journey south. Our weather has been so ugly here lately that perhaps the birds just want to hang out and not fly in the rain and hurricane aftermath. I’m sure their internal clock is driving them farther south and really hope this is the last of them this year.


  1. Our males are gone (SE Indiana), but the females are still here. We usually have hangers-on or passers-by until mid October. I feel so sad that they will be gone, but at the same time, I worry they are hanging on too long and will freeze. As I age, I wonder what changes will take place in my life before I see the hummers again! Gee, I hope it is I lose several pounds, and knit up at least that many pounds of yarn!


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