Hello darkness

…my old friend.  (Name that tune.)

Well, I was going to show you the pair of seamless slippers I finished Sunday night but the lighting was terrible and I go to work in the dark and return in the dark.

I knit this slipper at the end of October and finally got the mate done.  Pretend there are two slippers here.


I plan to make two more pair before Christmas.  I’m using acrylic yarn (don’t judge) as that is what I have tons of and it really holds up well for these seamless slippers.  It’s a bit hard on my hands and fingers.

Orange seamless slippers

Orange seamless slippers

I will sew replacement carpet soles on these as well as add pompoms.

Seamless slippers in autumn with soles

Seamless slippers in autumn with soles

8 thoughts on “Hello darkness

  1. They look great. I’m a novice knitter and am making a pair of garte stitch fingerless gloves but it’s thick wool and heavy going. They are supposed to be able to be completed in an evening! I really want to knit myself a pair of these kind of slippers but am failing to find a very easy pattern without too much increasing etc or knitting in the round.


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