Quick knit

I picked up this ball of Red Heart Scrubby Sparkle last week because:

  1. It looked interesting
  2. I needed something different to knit
  3. I might actually use it

Following the ball band pattern, I cast 27 stitches onto US #8 needles.  I slipped the first stitch of every row to make the edges neater and knit 40 rows before binding off.  90 minutes later I had one finished.

Approximately 6-inches square, each one used about 14 grams of yarn so this one ball should yield about six scrubbies.

I’ll let you know how I like/use it.


11 thoughts on “Quick knit

  1. So is that yarn sort of plasticky? I’ve never seen it before so I don’t know how it feels. It clearly works up fast, but was it pleasant to handle?

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  2. Interesting. I gave up making dishcloths because I couldn’t keep up (we wash a lot of dishes around here), but this looks like something I could use.


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