Souvenir yarn

We visited Colorful Yarns in Centennial, Colorado when we visited our daughter last month and I bought some souvenir yarn all in fingering weight.

Two hand-dyed in the Denver area and one from Texas.

Knerd String is located in Castle Rock, Colorado.  I loved the greens and purples in the Mr. Greensleeves colorway.  As this is 100% wool, it will become a shawl of some sort.

Andromeda‘s Grumpy Gus is a special colorway created just for the Colorful Yarns shop.  This hank of blues and greens will become socks or a shawl in a yet-to-be-determined pattern.

I had to have the grey and touch of purple Chasing Rabbits Fern yarn in Tarnish hand-dyed in Amarillo, Texas.

I’m a sucker for greys and other neutral colors though I also like color…it just depends on my mood and the project on which I’m working.

Do you buy souvenir yarn, fabric or other things on your travels?

9 thoughts on “Souvenir yarn

  1. I always buy yarn when I travel. I mean, you have to visit the LYS, and it would almost be rude not to get a skein or two or five… best thing is, you will always remember that that project was made with yarn from that trip or vacation

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