Last weekend

Our hotel

Wolfies Pub for wine and Bavarian pretzels before heading to the Rivers CasinoRivers Casino

Time to celebrate my S-I-Ls winnings (beginners luck???)  at Andy’s Bar in our hotel.  The coasters showcased different Andys.  BTW the shoestring fries with aioli sauce are fantastic! Andy Warhol and Andrew Carnegie

Our spa morning…this isn’t either one of us

Lunch at Molinaro’s after our spa morning


Molinaro’s Restaurant, Chicken Romano

Because I just don’t see a fish hanging off the side of a building every day…

Have you guessed where we were for the weekend?

Celebrating my S-I-Ls second big winnings with a fun drink called “I’m right on top of that, Rose” in the fl2 bar in the Fairmont Hotel

Ready for the theater

The show was amazing!!!

A nightcap at Primanti Brothers

One thing we didn’t drink.  Seriously, $8.00 for a bottle of water?

We had a wonderful time in Pittsburgh.  Fortunately, it wasn’t that much of a drive for either of us.  Mr. Aitch spent the weekend with his brother. Spending time with people we love was something that we just don’t often enough.  I’m so grateful that my S-I-L suggested this trip and more importantly that we scheduled it!  This might be an annual thing.