FBS and soakers

Some progress on the EZ February Baby Sweater.

February Baby Sweater pistachio

I like the idea with this sweater but I’m not loving it…yet.  I’m not into lace-type knitting and I would call the Gull stitch lacy.  Give me stripes, Fairisle, knits and purls but not yarn overs, k2tog and ssk.

I intended to make several of these sweaters for new babies but I may have to rethink this. 

On another note I did get one picture of the Curly Purly wool soakers I made for my twin granddaughters last year.

Curly Purly Soakers Coral Purple

I used Cleckheaton yarn from my stash.  These were great to knit and my daughter loves them.  I’ve knit more but I only have pictures of these.  Some were made with Cascade 220 and Kashmira.  I do need to make at least two more.

I will take my Ms Ida CLMittens with me to work as I might have a chance to figure out how to bind off in pattern so they look  good with a rounded tip instead of the pointy tip.  Pictures if I’m successful.

Knitting Police

Ms Ida’s Chain Link mittens are in a time out until I figure out how to finish the ends as I don’t like the pointiness (made-up word).  

MS Ida CLM right back


Courtesy of Knit Picks Ms Ida Chain Link Mittens


 I’ve got two Swiffer covers almost finished.  It’s just the sewing/seaming on the multi-colored one.  Have I mentioned how I hate seaming???  

Swiffer covers


The green one was from a pattern I can’t find right now (but it was 17 stitches in seed stitch using size 7 US needles, knitted for 15 inches) and the multi one from this pattern.  

At first glance the multi one looks like a keyboard.  Heh.  

I knew a woman many years ago who knit sweaters for herself  and her husband during lunch.  She could get a sweater done in a week.  I asked her how she finished her seams as it takes me almost as long to seam up something as it does to knit it.  She said she gave the pieces to her mother to seam.  And she sewed them on her sewing machine.  

I had never heard of such a thing.  Isn’t that against the law?  Isn’t that just wrong on every level?  

Yet the Knitting Police never arrested her or her mother.  

I live in fear of the Knitting Police therefore I rip out and redo when something just isn’t right.  But sewing seams on a sewing machine on hand-knitted items is just sacrilege, is it not?

Monday, monday

Well, I got my computer back.  Everything was intact except for my email and all my email addresses.  I had several attachments (patterns, pictures, recipes) from some messages that I didn’t save before the crash and therefore lost.

I was away over the weekend so I didn’t have a chance to figure out how to save my files to the external hard drive.  I tried to access the drive but I was denied access.  Mr. Aitch will help (I hope).

I decided I don’t like the pointed tips on the Ms. Ida Chain Link mittens I’m working on so I might frog a few rows and make them less pointy.

I’m feeling a bit down.  Ah, this too shall pass.

Weekend progress

Sorry, not photos today of my progress.

Only four more rows to knit on the first MICH mittens.  Then it’s onto the thumb and conversion to a flip top.

Saturday night I knit a Swiffer duster cover from Crazy Aunt Purl’s book Home is Where the Wine Is. using Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in lime green.  I think it is just flat and pushes down into the “grabbers” on the top of the Swiffer.  I haven’t used it yet but I’m wondering if the “grabbers” will tear my cover.  Testing and report due at a later date.  (Like once I get my computer back and in working order.)

Sunday I made half of a secret project for a friend whose birthday was at the end of July.  We met for brunch yesterday and told her I was making something for her and as soon as I finished it, I would send it to her.  I worked on it last night and it’s almost finished now.  I will take pictures before I send it to her.