Knitting Police

Ms Ida’s Chain Link mittens are in a time out until I figure out how to finish the ends as I don’t like the pointiness (made-up word).  

MS Ida CLM right back


Courtesy of Knit Picks Ms Ida Chain Link Mittens


 I’ve got two Swiffer covers almost finished.  It’s just the sewing/seaming on the multi-colored one.  Have I mentioned how I hate seaming???  

Swiffer covers


The green one was from a pattern I can’t find right now (but it was 17 stitches in seed stitch using size 7 US needles, knitted for 15 inches) and the multi one from this pattern.  

At first glance the multi one looks like a keyboard.  Heh.  

I knew a woman many years ago who knit sweaters for herself  and her husband during lunch.  She could get a sweater done in a week.  I asked her how she finished her seams as it takes me almost as long to seam up something as it does to knit it.  She said she gave the pieces to her mother to seam.  And she sewed them on her sewing machine.  

I had never heard of such a thing.  Isn’t that against the law?  Isn’t that just wrong on every level?  

Yet the Knitting Police never arrested her or her mother.  

I live in fear of the Knitting Police therefore I rip out and redo when something just isn’t right.  But sewing seams on a sewing machine on hand-knitted items is just sacrilege, is it not?

4 thoughts on “Knitting Police

  1. I also heard of it only a few days ago, not sure if it’s “allowed” though 😉 I prefer to knit seamlessly anyway 🙂
    Hehe, you made me laugh with the Knitting Police 🙂


  2. I don’t think the knitting police would come for you, but you might loose your dignity….. 🙂
    I would be more afraid of making a mistake and not being able to rip it back without totally destroying the knitted peice. I will let you go first, and see how you fare! 😛


  3. Oh my. Machine seaming never would have occurred to me. It just doesn’t seem quite right to me either – but maybe I should think that some more. Why not? ….It just doesn’t! 🙂


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