Weekend progress

Sorry, not photos today of my progress.

Only four more rows to knit on the first MICH mittens.  Then it’s onto the thumb and conversion to a flip top.

Saturday night I knit a Swiffer duster cover from Crazy Aunt Purl’s book Home is Where the Wine Is. using Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in lime green.  I think it is just flat and pushes down into the “grabbers” on the top of the Swiffer.  I haven’t used it yet but I’m wondering if the “grabbers” will tear my cover.  Testing and report due at a later date.  (Like once I get my computer back and in working order.)

Sunday I made half of a secret project for a friend whose birthday was at the end of July.  We met for brunch yesterday and told her I was making something for her and as soon as I finished it, I would send it to her.  I worked on it last night and it’s almost finished now.  I will take pictures before I send it to her.

1 thought on “Weekend progress

  1. I made a Swiffer cover a couple months ago and I love it. I couldn’t find the pattern that you are using but the one that I used had pockets on the sides that slipped over the grabbers so the cover didn’t get torn up. In fact, I’m making another one for my grandma who just got hardwood floors.


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