I didn’t win at yarn chicken

I didn’t win but at least I figured it out before I got too far into the lace motif.  The Kindness shawl is off the needles and blocked.  I had 48 inches of yarn left after I did one row of the lace motif and an extra row of knitting.

I love it!

I love the colors.

I love the yarn.

It’s the perfect size to wrap around my neck instead of a bulky scarf.

And I only found one mistake.  But I don’t care.  At least it’s not a dropped stitch!

I bought some

Blocking wires that is.

The packet is quite small but then these are the flexible wires that don’t use up a lot of space when not in use.

This is the mixed set that includes 3 – 70-inch wires, 4 – 35-inch wires and 30 T-pins.

I’ve already blocked another neck wrap with them and they are a delight to use.

These were ordered from Miss Babs.  As a welcoming gift, she included three stitch markers…

…and a cute ten-yard twist of this gorgeous yarn.

One day I’ll even buy some of her hand-dyed yarns.  They are all so beautiful!

On the edge

I finished the knitting part of my Lace Hem Topping and the two pieces were blocked yesterday.  What’s left is the seaming (ugh) and the crochet edges.  I have several crochet hooks and can do a chain stitch.  The finishing edges on this shell involve a row of single crochet once around the armhole and neck edges followed by a row of reverse crochet.  Does crochet even have rows?  

I did a search for these two techniques and think I have it but am open to more advice.  Can you direct me to any good videos that show these two techniques so I have the confidence to put this shell on my FO list?  Or better yet, come on over and show me!  

Of course I’m itching to get started on another project while waiting for the above shell to dry before seaming and adding the crochet edge.  While in my least favorite store the other day, I came across these fabulous colors of Caron Simple Soft yarn (worsted weight or #4).   

Caron Simply Soft


Colors from left to right: Pistachio, Blueberry, Strawberry, Persimmon (soft coral), and Sunshine.  They look a bit bright but they are very soft colors.  

I have three baby sweaters to knit for friends babies and grandchildren by September.  I need help with the color combinations.  Not sure what pattern I’m using but fell in love with this pattern.  It’s for adults but it couldn’t be that hard to take some elements and make it suitable for a  baby or child, could it?  

I think what I like is the texture of the garter stitch against the stockenette.  Do you think I could adapt my eyelet pattern for this?  Or perhaps the 5-hour baby sweater pattern, only make the garter stitch bottom edge extend more into the body by 3 inches and overlap the front edges by 3 inches?  I’m not sure how I would do the neck…and since the pattern is a neck-down pattern, I’d have to figure that out ASAP!  

Color combos?  I would use 2-3 colors for this.  Body (stockenette) in one color, bottom and front panel (garter) in color two, and an optional 2-3 rows in stockenette between the body and garter on color three.  I don’t have a scanner or I would show you my sketches.All sweaters are for girls…as if that should make a difference.  Two for size 6-months and one for 18 months.

Chinese Auction and Lace Hem Top

We went to covered dish get-together this weekend and were to take a White Elephant gift.  As it turned out the White Elephant gift was really a Chinese Auction.  There are various versions of a Chinese Auction.  For this version those who participated drew a number from a hat.  When that number was called, the person chose and unwrapped a gift.  If they didn’t like it, they could swap with someone else.  Obviously the first few people didn’t have much of a chance of swapping for a “better” gift.  

The gift we took was destined for our yard sale.  

Mr. Aitch was third to select a gift.  It was a crystal candy dish with a lid and resembled a Hershey Kiss.  I suggested he swap that for a canvas bag filled with gardening tools.  Pretty and useful.  Too pretty and too useful as it turned out.  That gift was THE gift and exchanged hands many, many more times.  After the last gift was unwrapped and swapped,  the first person got an opportunity to swap since she didn’t have a choice at the beginning.  BTW she was the one that opened the canvas bag with the gardening tools in the first place.  And that’s what she ended up with after all.   

What did Mr. Aitch get?   

The gift we took.  It’s going back to the yard sale box.  

On the knitting side of the weekend I got about half way done on the back of the Lace Hem Top.  I’m hoping I can make great progress on this today and perhaps even finish the back!  Mr. Aitch doesn’t understand the concept of a “sweater” for the summer.  I tried to explain that it isn’t a sweater, it’s a knitted garment.  Not all knits are sweaters.  Whatever.  

Lace Hem Topping 7/11/2010

Cascade Ultra Pima in Heathered Pansy.  

This has a lace border and I’ve not really done much with lace.  In fact the only “lace” I’ve done is/are the eyelet sweaters.  I wet the sweaters when I was finished with them and blocked.  I used acrylic yarn.   

How do I block this cotton?  Steam block?  Wet block?