Rainy window part 1

I’m almost finished with sock one of the second pattern in Helen Stewart’s Handmade Sock Society season 3 called Rainy Window.  I really needed to get back to knitting and these socks have an easy enough pattern to keep me focused but not too difficult as I can still listen to an audiobook.

The sock wants to roll in on itself so I stuck my hand inside to give a better idea of the textured pattern.

The new-to-me yarn is Regia 4-ply color in Spot Graphite and decided to add a punch of color to the toe with Knit Picks Stroll in Firecracker Heather.

Now if I can just keep on with this knitting mojo, I’ll soon have another pair of delicious socks for my sock drawer!


Mask holder

This idea is not mine but I’m so happy that someone else came up with it and is offering the FREE pattern.  Lorraine of ikatbag.com fame designed this wonderful Airplane Bag pattern for a bag for airline travel. She has some incredible patterns on her website, some free and some for sale.  Her instructions are great, too!  Granted, I did not follow the instructions as written but adapted her pattern for my own use.  I do plan on making a few of these for family members if and when they decide to fly again. Did I mention the pattern is FREE?!

My bag is a simple version with no extra pockets, secure tie, carabiner slots, or magnetic snap closure.

I used a sturdy cotton fabric (in my fabric stash for 30-35 years!) for the exterior, satiny smooth fabric for the interior, grosgrain ribbon for the hanging loops, and leftover plastic cord from my upholstery projects.  Plus two magnetic hooks to attach the bag to the metal door.face mask holder

The plastic cording used in welting on cushions is pliable but stiff enough to keep the bag open whether full or empty.

The bag is the perfect size for our collection of face masks.

We keep it attached to the metal door that leads out into our garage so we can grab a face mask when we go out the door.

I never thought I’d ask this but where do you keep your face masks?Patti


Two pair

Two pairs of socks.  Done.

The first pair is from Helen Stewart’s Handmade Sock Society season 3: Luminary.  It’s the first sock pattern that was issued in February 2020  I got a late start and cast on the stitches on April 21, 2020.  At that point, the third pattern had just been released.

Using Knit Picks Stroll in the Inverness colorway and US #1 (2.25mm) needles, I managed to complete these socks on July 11.  Three months is a long time for me to knit a pair of socks.

But here they are in all their glory.Finished pair Luminary socks

I love the texture and the color.  I just might keep these for myself!texture of Luminary sock leg

The second finished sock pair was a long time on the needles.  I cast on these in March 2019 when I needed something to occupy my time while I was waiting to do something.  I don’t remember what that was, but the distraction was important at the time.

Finished on July 28, 2020.  Seventeen months in the making.

The Twilight Socks is from Melissa Morgan-Oakes book, 2-at-a-time Socks.  My daughter-in-law gave this book to me in 2018 when I expressed a curiosity for knitting two socks at a time.  I didn’t have the required circular needle size (US #1 or 2.5 mm) so I just used my old stand-by: double point needles.  Then I switched to a mini Chia Goo 9-inch circular needle.  And I knit them one-at-a-time.Twighlight socks finished

I didn’t think I’ve mentioned these socks before.  The yarn is Knit Picks Stroll in the Fedora colorway that is no longer available.  It’s a rich chocolaty brown that I cannot truly capture.Knit Picks Stroll Fedora Twilight fedora socks texture

It’s a simple knit-purl texture similar to a waffle weave that will keep one’s feet and legs very warm.

This pair may or may not be gifted.

I could be more productive with everything (knitting, laundry, cleaning, etc.) if I wasn’t addicted to the Matchington Mansion game I play on my iPad.  I even put a time limit on how long I play in one day but I can bypass it so it’s not really helping.  I really need to step away from the game.

What keeps you from being productive?



“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Or so the saying goes. (This nugget is often attributed to Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, or George Bernard Shaw, however, none of them actually said it.  Click here for more info.)

Anyway, I misplaced my set of measuring spoons.  Not just one spoon but the entire set. They usually hang on that little peg on the left side of my kitchen cabinet right next to the spices.  kitchen cabinet where spoons should be

I have been looking for them for about two weeks.  And I seem to look repeatedly in the same places expecting them to magically show up!  Hence the insanity quote.  Obviously, I’m not looking in the right places as they are still missing.

I can’t imagine that I threw them away but it’s possible.

We like love homemade* bread, pizza, and stromboli and I need to measure things.

So I broke down and bought another set.kitchen cabinet with spoons

Now that the new set is hanging on that special peg, I’m still hoping the other set reappears.  I’ll let you know!

* We do not use the oven in the summer but have figured out how to bake on our grill.  The neighbors have commented on the lovely aroma of freshly baked bread.

On another topic –  I was going to give an update of some of the other things happening around here. I swear I took pictures of various projects and the two pairs of socks I finished last month but alas, I evidently did not as they are not on my camera.