Rainy window part 1

I’m almost finished with sock one of the second pattern in Helen Stewart’s Handmade Sock Society season 3 called Rainy Window.  I really needed to get back to knitting and these socks have an easy enough pattern to keep me focused but not too difficult as I can still listen to an audiobook.

The sock wants to roll in on itself so I stuck my hand inside to give a better idea of the textured pattern.

The new-to-me yarn is Regia 4-ply color in Spot Graphite and decided to add a punch of color to the toe with Knit Picks Stroll in Firecracker Heather.

Now if I can just keep on with this knitting mojo, I’ll soon have another pair of delicious socks for my sock drawer!


4 thoughts on “Rainy window part 1

  1. That’s a neat pattern. I was intrigued by the name.
    My crojo (mojo for crochet) comes and goes. I’m working on a sleeved shawl now for Megan. So far it is light and lovely. Black/white/grey striping yarn called Shawl in a ball. She prefers brighter colors and this way she can wear any color shirt underneath it.


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