Top-down seamless cardigan

With all that top-down-seamless-making-it-up-as-I-go cardigan button angst, I decided to go with the mustard buttons.

I had the perfectly matched sleeveless shell to wear with it.

Instead of sewing on the buttons, I used these tiny codder ( or are they cotter) pins that were in some of the button boxes from iPad aunt.  The button shank was long enough to fit through the knitted button band so I could wiggle the codder pin through it.  No tedious sewing and I can change out the buttons as I wish!

Plus I decided to just go with three buttons.

The pin nestles right into the knitting.

I love this sweater.  The colors played well together and from a distance, it looks like a solid color.  The Debbie Bliss Mia yarn felt good in my hands.  The color did bleed a bit.

The “false” seam kept the sweater from twisting.  I just did a line of reverse stockinette at the “seam” line.

The thing I don’t love is the fit.  Yes, I tried it on as I knit but after soaking and blocking, the sweater grew.

My swatch was five inches to the inch but I think I swatch too tightly (just want to get it done!) and when I’m knitting, I’m more relaxed.  This ended up being four stitches to the inch.  So it’s a bit large.  Like six inches too large.

And it stretched throughout the day.  The neckline was almost to the edge of my shoulder!

Other than starting over, I’m at a loss as to a solution. I don’t have any problems ripping it all out and starting over with fewer stitches, especially knowing that I have enough yarn.

Seems like I’m batting ZERO so far this year with sweaters that fit.

What would you do?  Rip or ???


13 thoughts on “Top-down seamless cardigan

  1. I love how you did the buttons – OMG, why don’t we do all buttons that way???? I wonder where to get those pins?

    As for the sweater. It does look too big. BUT have you tried it over a turtleneck or other winter weight shirt? Maybe it is a winter sweater?

    I guess I would try reblocking it, and maybe a bit of time in the dryer, see if that helps. But if not, then you know I am a fan of redoing it until it is right. reknitting accomplishes a few things – it gets you a sweater you are happy with, and it saves so much money! You get to knit for all those hours without buying more yarn.

    I do love how it came out, I think it is a beautiful sweater. Did you take good notes on what you did so you can redo it smaller? And remember, it doesn’t have to fit you while ont he needles, it is going to grow with blocking!

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    • Yeah, I don’t know why we don’t do buttons this way. It would be so much easier to launder knits when the buttons can’t be washed – like leather or wooden ones.

      I think those used to come with the shank buttons to keep them on the cardboard several years ago instead of the staples they use now. These were in a box with lots of pearl shank buttons. Vintage for sure. I checked online and found some hairpin cotter pins (I misspelled it in my post) but you might be able to find some at a hardware store.

      The yarn is 50/50 wool and cotton. I’m ok with the length, it’s the width that I want to shrink. I have some clothes in the dryer now, so I will toss it in and see if that helps.

      And yes, I did take good notes so I can redo this the right way…if I go down that path!

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      • Good luck with the dryer, I hope it works! Cotton does grow with wear, unfortunately. And don’t worry if the length shrinks up some, that will grow, too.

        I will look for cotter pins at the hardware store, I have some lovely buttons that can’t be washed or dry cleaned!

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