Meh me

        having or showing a tendency to be easily annoyed or made angry.

I’m not sure when this adjective became me but it’s a good description of me lately.

And I don’t like it.

It seems like every little thing makes me snarl either inwardly or outwardly.

I’ve been bad-tempered, short-tempered, irascible, testy, touchy, grumpy, grouchy, moody, crotchety, in a (bad) mood, cantankerous, bilious, curmudgeonly, ill-tempered, annoyed, cross, ill-humored, peevish, fractious, pettish, crabby, bitchy, waspish, prickly, splenetic, dyspeptic, choleric, cranky, ornery, shitty, on a short fuse, soreheaded and just plain irritable.

Ain’t nobody got time for this.


Smalltown, USA

I live in Smalltown USA.

That fact really hit home the other day while I was mailing something at the post office.

The postal worker and another customer were admiring my Don’t Tread on Me purse that I made last year.

Customer:  That is a really cool purse.

Postal worker:  Yeah.  I really like it.

Me:  Thanks.  I made it.

C&Pw:  Really?  How did you do it?

Me: I knit it really big then I tossed it into the washing machine with hot water and it shrunk to this size.

Customer:  Did you mean to do that?

Me:  Yes, so that it would be a smaller size.

Customer:  Was it hard?

Me:  Not really.  The wool was a bit scratchy and that made it tough on my hands but it wasn’t that hard to knit.

Customer:  Oh, you could sell those.  I bet someone would buy it for $50.

Me:  Well, I have $70 in yarn and $5 in the hardware so if I were to sell it, I’d charge $500.  It was a lot of work and it’s lined, too.

Postal worker:  If you decided to sell them, then she (customer) and I would quit our jobs and come and work for you!

Me:  Or I could sell the pattern for $30 and wouldn’t have to do all that work.

Smalltown, USA

Weathering the weather

Thank you for all your good wishes for my health.  I ended up going to the clinic and three hours later was diagnosed with bronchitis.  At least it wasn’t pneumonia…something that I’ve had more often than I care to admit.  With 48 hours of meds in my system I’m not 100% but getting better.  At least I want to knit now!

Winter Storm Stella didn’t dump as much snow to cripple our area…thankfully. We got about eight to ten inches of the white stuff. Enough to cause cancellations for many activities but not the end of the world amount. I have serious issues about the way the media hypes up every snowfall into a major, life-threatening disaster. They have cried wolf too many times for me to believe most of it. Now I did believe we were going to get some snow but I wasn’t going to stay glued to the TV for up to the minute blow-by-blow account of where it was. For the hour I spent in the waiting room at the clinic the only topic was Stella on the Weather Channel. I get the need to inform/warn people but not to cause panic.  And that’s what was happening. No news or weather about the rest of the country. It was all about Stella.  S-T-T-E-E-L-L-L-L-A-A-A   Makes the decision to not have TV so much easier.  We’ve been unplugged from that idiot box for several years and I don’t miss it at all.

It boils down to common sense.  If you live in an area that gets bad weather: tornadoes, hurricanes, snow storms, rain storms, floods, dust storms, droughts, then be aware.  Be prepared. Help your neighbors and community.

OK, rant over.

How are you feeling?  Did Stella come to visit you?