Weathering the weather

Thank you for all your good wishes for my health.  I ended up going to the clinic and three hours later was diagnosed with bronchitis.  At least it wasn’t pneumonia…something that I’ve had more often than I care to admit.  With 48 hours of meds in my system I’m not 100% but getting better.  At least I want to knit now!

Winter Storm Stella didn’t dump as much snow to cripple our area…thankfully. We got about eight to ten inches of the white stuff. Enough to cause cancellations for many activities but not the end of the world amount. I have serious issues about the way the media hypes up every snowfall into a major, life-threatening disaster. They have cried wolf too many times for me to believe most of it. Now I did believe we were going to get some snow but I wasn’t going to stay glued to the TV for up to the minute blow-by-blow account of where it was. For the hour I spent in the waiting room at the clinic the only topic was Stella on the Weather Channel. I get the need to inform/warn people but not to cause panic.  And that’s what was happening. No news or weather about the rest of the country. It was all about Stella.  S-T-T-E-E-L-L-L-L-A-A-A   Makes the decision to not have TV so much easier.  We’ve been unplugged from that idiot box for several years and I don’t miss it at all.

It boils down to common sense.  If you live in an area that gets bad weather: tornadoes, hurricanes, snow storms, rain storms, floods, dust storms, droughts, then be aware.  Be prepared. Help your neighbors and community.

OK, rant over.

How are you feeling?  Did Stella come to visit you?

It ain’t broke, why fix it?

My home computer was purchased in 2005.  That means it’s traveled around the sun nine times.  Nine Earth-Years.  I’m not sure what that translates to in Technology-Years.  It seems like computer technology changes quite often.  Daily?  Twice a month?  For the sake of argument let’s say it changes once a month.  12 times a year.  That means my computer is 105 Earth-Years.  (I got it in July 2005).

old computer

I’m running Windows XP.  Beginning on April 8, 2014, Microsoft is discontinuing support on Windows XP.  I’m already having issues with my browser as it is very outdated so I can’t see or do certain things on the Internet with my current setup, like access support for some of my other electronic devices.

Our office just purchased a cute little tablet-that-converts-into-a-PC which I took to the conference in Orlando last month.  Once I figured out Windows 8, it was fine.  But I don’t use this device regularly so I don’t remember the ins and outs.

windows 8

Upgrading an operating system AND expecting it to work seamlessly (IMO), is like trying to unburn toast.  It just doesn’t work.  I know for a fact that my Office 2003 will not work with the new Windows OS.  It didn’t work with Mr. Aitch’s Windows 7 computer so I’m sure it won’t work with 8.  What other surprises await?


I’m not looking forward to this at all: transferring files, bookmarks, programs, and learning a new operating system.

new computer

I guess I’ll just have to figure out how to work in a new computer out of my already stretched-to-the-max paycheck.


My Sunday routine usually includes a trip to the market right after church.  Yesterday was no different.  One item on my shopping list was a five-pound bag of sugar.

Mr. Aitch and I don’t use a lot of sugar so five pounds will last us for a very long time.  I have been keeping our hummingbird feeder full on a regular basis so I’ve been using more now.

When I didn’t have enough to make more nectar, I had to buy some.

My sugar jar holds five pounds of sugar.  Exactly.


Yes, I know it says “BIRD SEED” but it holds my sugar.  Always did.

 The bag was empty but the jar wasn’t full.


The five-pound bag was really a FOUR-pound bag.  It is marked on the bag but I wasn’t paying attention to it as that’s the “size” bag I always buy though I usually buy the generic store brand.

They got me this time.  Next time I’ll check the actual ounces or pounds before I think I’m getting a bargain.

So this marketing strategy has been around awhile.

I noticed it with ice cream several years ago.  The company kept the price the same but instead of buying a half-gallon of ice cream (2 quarts), it’s now 1.5 quarts.  The packaging is just a bit smaller.

But the same price.

Crying wolf?

A huge winter storm is headed our way.  I believe the name is Saturn.  Having named winter storms will take some getting used to.  Are the weather forecasters crying wolf again saying our area could get anywhere from 10 to 18 inches of snow?

Snagged from

Snagged from

I admit I’m very sceptical when it comes to these forecasts.  In the past they were either way over or way under the actual precipitation amounts.  Oops, sorry.  The storm track went farther north/south than expected or it fizzled out altogether.

Sometimes they get it right.  Like the “Storm of the Century” in March 1993.  I didn’t believe it was going to be as bad as predicted so I continued with my plans to visit my friend in Pine Grove, PA the Friday the storm hit.  We were trapped in her house until Tuesday.  All the roads were shut down for several days and it was bitter cold.  When Interstate 81 finally did reopen, it was one-lane with snow piled 15 feet high on either side of the road.  OK, they got that one right.

But the last several storms headed our way didn’t pan out.  Hence my skepticism.

I’m not alone in this thinking.  I stopped at the market this morning on my way to work (I forgot to get milk the other day) and overheard several people taking about how the media are constantly causing panic: Super Storms, the Mayan calendar panic, fuel and food shortages/price increases.  I remember when Johnny Carson joked about a toilet paper shortage (many, many years ago) and people flocked to the market and bought up all the toilet paper!  And it was a joke.

Is this another case of crying wolf?  Time will tell.