Zero to twenty-four

What a weekend!

Mr. Aitch and I survived the visit from Jonas.  (In case you weren’t aware, the Weather Channel in the US decided to name the winter storms so we could remember them like we do hurricanes.  This one was Jonas.  Whatever.)  Fortunately, we didn’t lose power or our Wi-Fi – two of life’s necessities as far as we’re concerned.  And one can’t really stock up on those services like one can with wine, cheese, crackers, bread, and milk.


We went from zero to 24 inches of snow in as many hours.



Our snow blower wasn’t working (which I didn’t know) so Mr. Aitch and I tried to shovel out the driveway during the storm.  That activity ended within a half hour.  No point shoveling while it’s still snowing.  Plus the ambulance wouldn’t be able to get to our house if we needed it.  And we didn’t need it.


We got three more inches of snow after this was taken.

We stayed warm and cozy with homemade vegetable beef soup and fresh made rolls on Friday once Jonas made his appearance.  Yesterday we had pork tenderloin (BOGO free) with mashed potatoes and green beans. Got to try to keep the house warm!

I was getting antsy and my hands wanted something to do so I looked through Knitted Gifts and found this pair of mitts I fell in love with when I first bought this book.  I cast on with some Knit Picks Stroll fingering weight in Duchess Heather (deep, rich purple).  The accent color is Green Tea Heather.


Most church services were cancelled on Sunday so we went outside in the sunshine and started on the driveway again.  Let me tell you, 24 inches of snow is heavy!  We were about a fourth of the way finished when our neighbor came to our rescue with his snow blower.  He made quick work of getting rid of all that snow for us.  Thank you Steve!




The sun really helped clear off the remaining snow.

What did you do over the weekend?  Anything fun?


After biking (the kind with pedals) around the hotel grounds this morning, we decided to relax a bit.


By the pool.


Yes, that’s my knitting.  A pair of  wool mitts.  Pattern is called Treads.  I’m writing from my iPad so getting the link to show up is challenging.  I’m relaxing, so if you want to find it, I’m sure you can. Or leave a comment and I’ll look it up I and get back to you in a few days.

I’m having a hard time believing it’s still winter at home. We’ll be returning to this soon enough.



Last Wednesday I went to our daughter’s house to babysit our grandson since our SIL was out of town on business.  Our daughter was one of the moms who had to help with a Valentine’s Day party at school and younger siblings were not allowed to attend.

They live west of us so I checked the weather forecast for Thursday and Friday.  We were supposed to get 5-8 inches of snow and they were supposed to get 1-3 inches of snow.

Well, it didn’t quite turn out that way.

She got at least 10 inches of snow and we got 17 inches of snow.

I was stranded at her house.


So we made the best of it.  The twins and I went out to build a snowman Thursday afternoon even though it was still snowing.


They have a 4-wheeler with a plow but it just wasn’t enough to clear the half-mile driveway quickly.   Our daughter had never used the plow but figured it out.  There was just too much snow and got it cleared enough to drive on after she worked on it for over three hours.

I got to my office about six hours late.


Normally I would have just gone home but I had to pick up a few things to take on an upcoming business trip.  To Florida.  Where I understand is warm, sunny, and snow-less!

I do have pictures of a finished sweater I will share later in the week.

I’ll have ice with that

It was 36 degrees at our house this morning and as I got closer to work, the temperature dropped a little.

It was misting when I got out of the car.  And the trees were already coated with ice.




That didn’t stop this guy who rides his bicycle every day to work.


The drizzly mist just turned to snow.  Wintery precipitation is predicted for this area.  Snow, sleet, freezing rain?  It’s going to be an interesting drive home this afternoon.

Good thing I brought these with me today.