It sounded like a shot

I had wild moment at work on Thursday.

It was around 11:00 in the morning and I was sitting at my computer doing something when I saw a flash out of the corner of my eye then heard a loud bang.

It sounded like a shot.

Then the crackling started.*


The window was broken.  But it didn’t fall.


Everyone in the office heard the bang and came running when I said, “My window just broke!”


We went outside to see if we could figure out what happened as there was nothing visible on the inside.


The outside of the double pane window looked perfect.  Not a mark on it.


We looked on the ground and found nothing unusual.  No dead birds, no rocks, no bricks, and no bullets.

The building is six years old.  Could it still be settling?


It was very strange.



I could hear crackling noises for the rest of the day as it someone had placed a huge bowl of Rice Krispies next to my ear.  Snap!  Crackle!!  Pop!!! All afternoon.



A very thin layer of plastic material covers the glass so it’s not going to crumble onto the floor immediately.


The maintenance man came and looked at it, took a picture, and sent it to the head honcho.


I assumed (wrongly) that someone would at least cover it so the cracked glass wouldn’t fall into my office or onto my desk or me.


It was still there Friday morning and I could see tiny shards of glass on the windowsill.


I called the maintenance man again and asked if he knew when the window would be replaced.


Or Tuesday.


You know, it is kind of pretty.

*The pictures are in order.  You can see the progression of the crackling glass from the first to the last.

15 thoughts on “It sounded like a shot

  1. Interesting. There seems to be an impact point, but you think not? Ghosts? Your house settling? Earthquake? A faulty window? They are filled with argon, I think, so perhaps it was a hot day and there was expansion. I’ll need an answer to this mystery. Be sure to blog when you find out. In the meantime, take some tape, like duck tape, and tape a big X on the window from end to end. That should secure it and keep you safe until it’s replaced.


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  3. You have had some crazy glass issues! I remember once David was weed eating and hit a rock with the weed eater. It shot into the sliding glass door and shattered it like yours did above where it crackled – I guess since it was all tempered. The sound of the rock hitting the glass just right about scared the wits out of me.


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