Snow storm Izzy dropped about eight inches of snow on us Sunday afternoon and evening.

Mr. Aitch used the snowblower on most of the driveway and then we both shoveled what the snow plow left at the bottom of the driveway. It was heavy and compacted with a crusty layer on top.

Mr. Aitch commented to the neighbor across the street that he would hire her three kids (ages 12, 9, and 5) to shovel our snow in a year or two. Her comment was that they didn’t want to help her shovel their driveway. Um, excuse me? We didn’t have a choice when I was a kid as to whether or not we “wanted” to shovel snow. With only one shovel in our house all of us had to take turns clearing off the driveway and sidewalk.

Whether we wanted to or not.

6 thoughts on “Shoveling

  1. Shoot, I didn’t mind it when I was a kid. I think sometimes my parents would have preferred we not help because snowball fights invariably ensued and since we lived on a hill, it was way more fun to take the coasters out than to shovel away our fun. But yeah, there wasn’t a lot of choice given in the matter.

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  2. Ugh. I have had this very battle with my own boys for years! I get so frustrated with their mindset sometimes. The boy next door has a plow and he graciously clears the bottom of the drive for us. I do the rest..

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