Hey, Jude

Jude is my sister and we exchanged several emails last night.  I was feeling a bit, a lot, no, huge amounts of down last night and she lifted my spirits.

That’s what sisters (and brothers) are for.

Thanks, Jude.  You are the best sister!

Before turning off my computer, I checked my blog and discovered:  My Dots and Stripes Purse pattern made it to knittingpatterncentral.com!

It’s listed in the new pattern section and the Bags, Totes, and Purses section.

Dots and stripes


That helped a little, too.

Dots and Stripes purse pattern available

Several bloggers mentioned last week about wanting to try stranded or Fairisle knitting.

Dots and stripes

I have a small project that would be a great introduction to stranded knitting.

Check it out there to the right on my Pattern page.  You can get more details from Ravelry.

I was inspired by the color work of Kristin Nicholas and the Traveler’s Pocket by Nancy Bush.  In fact I used the same motif in part of my color work and the same braided strap as in the Traveler’s Pocket.

The pattern is available in pdf.

Secret project #1 finished

Here is my first secret project.  These are in the mail and I don’t think my friend reads this blog. 

Purple and variegated


I used acrylic yarn and attached soles made from leftover scraps of “replacement” carpet used in Mr. Aitch’s truck.  I got the carpet from a Big Box store and it is thin enough to cut with regular scissors, to sew with regular needle and thread without hurting the hands, and wears very well. 

Purple slippers with sole


I have tried using wools and acrylic yarn and I don’t notice a difference in wear so I used what I had.  I did knit a pair for Mr. Aitch with one strand of acrylic and one strand of wool and hemp blend.  He hasn’t worn them yet and I am curious how the hemp will hold up. 

I L.O.V.E. this pattern.  It is seamless.  I used two worsted weights yarns held together and size US 9 needles since that’s what I had available.  I usually use US 8 needles but they were in some other UFO.  The only other modification I do is repeat Rows 3-6 one more time so I have 13 stitches.  I pick up 11 stitches on each side.  I don’t like short sides as they seem to fall off my feet.  By doing this, I change the total stitch count.  I’ll write it up and post it in my pattern tab.  The pom poms are a bit thin as I ran out of yarn.  Plus it’s been ages since I made pom poms and forgot how much yarn they use! 

My grandmother made similar slippers but they were flat and you had to sew the back and top seams.  And since I’m all about no seaming, these were perfect.

Eyelet Sweater pattern

My own pattern

Eyelet Sweaters June 2010

I’ve made my first sweater pattern available for the Eyelet Sweater.  Pattern is listed on the sidebar.  So far I only have size 12-24 months and will try to get other sizes. 

This sweater is designed to go to the waist and has 3/4 or elbow length sleeves. 

***I have not have any test knitters try out this pattern.  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.