Eyelet sweater photos

We went to a wedding over the weekend and I finally got a couple of pictures of the twins in the eyelet sweaters I made for them earlier this summer.  They were both actually standing relatively still for ten seconds.

Eyelet sweaters front

Eyelet sweaters back

The sweaters are still a bit too big so they will be able to wear them for a few more months.  Maybe even next spring.  Now that’s wishful thinking.

Weekend update

Mr.  Aitch and I went to a wedding in Cleveland over the weekend.  We were basically going to help take care of the twins during the wedding and reception so my daughter (bridesmaid) and her husband could enjoy the wedding and reception.

It was hot.  The sweaters I slaved over stayed in the diaper bag.  The twins were adorable.  Do I have pictures?  No.  But someone else may have taken a few so if they share, I will post.

We got home late last night and I was just too tired to post anything this morning.

I will share some yarn with you tomorrow.

Eyelet Sweater pattern

My own pattern

Eyelet Sweaters June 2010

I’ve made my first sweater pattern available for the Eyelet Sweater.  Pattern is listed on the sidebar.  So far I only have size 12-24 months and will try to get other sizes. 

This sweater is designed to go to the waist and has 3/4 or elbow length sleeves. 

***I have not have any test knitters try out this pattern.  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Purple boxes

On our trip this past weekend, we saw these purple boxes hanging from the trees.  They were about 3 feet tall with a triangle top and bottom.  They were on Rt. 160 and 219 in southern Pennsylvania and we saw some last year along Rt. 40 in south-western Pennsylvania.  Sorry the picture is so blurry but this was taken with my phone while riding on the back of the Harley and we were moving. 

Purple box

Purple box...why?


So does anyone know what these purple boxes are? 

I decided to change the buttons on the white sweater from the ivory square ones to round white ones.  No pictures as I don’t have them sewn on yet.