Slowly but surely

Soles are sewn on the seamless slippers for Dr. Professor.  I just need to get the in the mail.

Progress on Ms Ida.  Picked out the disastrous mitten tip I tried to Kitchener stitch instead of going with the pointy tips.  The Knit Picks Alpaca yarn is fabulous but sticks to itself.  The mittens should be warm if nothing else.  I went with the pointy tips after all.  This picture is old and doesn’t show that I’m finished with the mitten in the foreground but you can at least see what I tried to do there at the top.

I played on the computer last night when I should have been working on the thumb.   Did you know that if you search for images of “felt ornaments”, a plethora of felty goodness appears on the screen?

Felt ornaments

So our Christmas tree is up but not decorated.  I want to make some felt ornaments so the twins can help decorate the lower branches of the tree.   I actually ventured out to a few stores Friday afternoon for some supplies.  No Black Friday mobs in the afternoon.  

Future felt ornaments

The white cutouts are some of my paper patterns that I’ll need to transfer to cardstock or thin plastic so I can reuse them.  Not shown are assorted beads and embroidery floss.
Starting new projects always gets my heart pumping and my creative juices flowing.  I have a few projects I need to finish before I dive into these…listed in no particular order:
    1. Musica mitts: one down, one to go. Deadline: December 22.  I’m using fingering weight yarn and think sport weight would have been better for a larger mitt.
    2. Three Spud & Chloe earflap hats: one finished, one waiting for strap, one waiting to get started. Deadline: December 10 for these two  and December 22 for the third one.

    Toddler size hats

    3. Buttons for the above mentioned hats.  Deadline December 9.
    4. Seamless slippers for Dr. Professor: finished except for sewing on the rest of the sole. Deadline: last week.

    Teal and heather green seamless slippers

    5. Soakers: One halfway finished, one still in a ball.  Deadline: December 10.
    6. Ms Ida mittens: One thumb to go.  Deadline: December 9 (though the recipient wanted them yesterday).  This is an old progress picture. 

    Ms Ida CLM right palm

    I must confess that these are not for the meek.  For some reason I could not get the thumbs right so abandoned the pattern and figured out another way to decrease and keep in the pattern.  Sort of….  If I’m brave, I’ll post a picture.

No hide was (permanently) harmed

I am making another pair of seamless slippers using the same heathered green and variegated autumn yarn combination.  These need to be finished by Wednesday evening.  I had gotten to the ribbing part and use dpns (double-pointed needles).  I left them on the leather sofa when I got up to do something.  And when I came back to work on the slippers, I sat on the needles.


I was lucky neither I nor the cowhide sofa got punctured. 

Boy oh boy, do I have a sore spot on the back of my leg!

Mirror, mirror

Our dinner party turned out wonderfully.  Even though I had a few green beans fall under the steaming basket and cause a bit of a smoky flavoring, one of my friends said she really liked the smokiness.  I didn’t tell her what happened.

I gave the slippers to my friend and she loved them.  I think they were the first knitted item I’ve given her.  I must remedy that.

Great food, great wine, great company.

I promised a picture of the wine glass markers I made the other night.  (Click on the picture to enlarge.)  They were a big hit with the women.  The men, well, they were mildly impressed.

Wine Glass Markers

A few nights ago while I was setting out these wine glasses, I looked up and saw my reflection in the mirror above the buffet.  Sometimes I’m surprised by what I see.

Most of the time I just see the parts of the face and not the whole.  Sometimes I see a tired woman.  Sometimes I see a sad woman.  And sometimes I see an old woman I just don’t recognize.  But this time a contented, confident, relaxed, and (if I may be so bold to say) beautiful woman looked back at me.  And I was surprised.  She’s my favorite woman who I see in the mirror. 

Every now and then I see myself as beautiful and that evening was one of those times.  It completely caught me off guard. 

Who do you see in the mirror?