Two helpers

Are you (US residents) ready for the big turkey day feast tomorrow?  Our daughter and family were here for the weekend so we had our big meal this past Sunday.

I recruited two helpers to slather butter between the skin and breast of the turkey.  Smaller hands worked great.

Plus there was the “ew, this is so gross” factor!

Once the grossness was out of the way, they did a wonderful job of smearing butter all over the bird.

Best turkey ever!

Pecan pie

pecan-001We had Home Ec in junior high in my day…which was back in the 1960’s.  No such thing as a “middle school”.  Our junior high consisted of grades 7-9 but the year I was in 8th grade was the last year for the 9th grade to be included.  A new wing was built onto the high school so the 9th grade moved into the senior high with the rest of the “big” kids. But I digress.


Anyway, Home Ec was a real class where we learned how to read a recipe and follow the directions.  We made the BEST fudge, baked bread, cinnamon rolls and cookies, made a cake from scratch, and baked a pie crust filled with pudding.  I’m sure we learned how to do other things in that 9-week class but those are what I remember.


In 8th grade we had the opportunity to make a fruit pie or a pecan pie.  We had to supply our own mini 4-inch pie pan as we got to take this baked mini pie home with us.  I wanted a peach pie but my parents wanted a pecan pie, which cost an extra ten-cents!  So I made the pecan pie.  For them. I wanted no part of that deal.  Pecan pie was gross.  Or so I thought.


Dad loved it.  I don’t remember what Mom’s take was on it.  She might not have gotten a bite of it.  But Dad raved about it.


And I never made another one.


Until now.

pecan-007I baked my first full-sized pecan pie today.pecan-008

And Mr. Aitch loved it.

To-do list

Looks doable.


Already adding to it…


As the day wore on, the list changed.

Mr. Aitch and I have waffles every Sunday.  I used to buy a mix but now make my own.  I just mix up several batches of the dry ingredients and store it in a container with the rest of the recipe taped to the side.


After a shower emergency (more on that another day) last month, I have to repaint the repair.


When we cleaned out the garage earlier this summer these pots “were” scrubbed.  They have been sitting here for way too long so they need washed again before going back into the garage.


That big black thing on the left was the collar for the septic tank that was removed in June.  It was buried up to the top for easy access clean-out for the septic tank.  Now that we don’t need the collar anymore I want to fill it with soil and transplant my mint so it doesn’t take over the yard.  It won’t stay there but I’m just not sure where to put it.


Mr. Aitch can’t weed-whack around all that.


Yes.  Rain water and grass clippings in that tub.  Gross!


Again from the garage cleanup: Hardware cloth/mesh and tomato cages.  Two of the three tomato plants don’t need any additional support from the cages and the third one is a monster and too unwieldy to get a cage around it now.



Mr. Aitch said four little words to me and I am on it!  Today!!

What did he say?

This will attract snakes.  It was the last word that got me.  Snakes.


In the 22 years we’ve lived here, I’ve only seen three snakes.  That’s pretty good for living in a rural area.  God has a purpose for all creatures but I’m not a fan of snakes and I certainly don’t want them close to the house.


These have to go NOW so the grass/weeds can be cut down.

What I really want to do is sew and start making a box bag.

Do you make to-do lists?

Do you follow them?

Did I cross off everything on my to-do list?